6 Aug 2015

I thought nothing of it when my wife told me her best friend was coming round for a cup of tea. Little did I know how the afternoon would unfold.

I let Becci in when she arrived and she was wearing a fantastically short denim skirt with tights on underneath. My absolute favourite. My wife, Louise, knew I fancied Becci a little, but also knew I'd never do anything about it and it was only a bit of fun.

Lou has an amazing figure, as sexy as hell. Beautiful bum and after a little nagging a gorgeous bald pussy. To the touch it is as soft as silk and I just loved lying in bed with my hand gently resting on her mound. Becci is a little larger build with amazing tits. I'd often wondered what they were like and whether she too had a completely bald pussy.

I lead Becci into the front room and she sat on one of the chairs. As she did her skirt rode up a little but she did nothing to correct it. I could see all the way up her legs and could tell she was wearing a pair of white panties under her tights. I quickly looked away to save her embarrassment . It reminded me of last summer at the school sports day. Becci was watching from the side and I had a lovely glimpse of her beautiful white cotton knickers with pink flowers under her summer dress. With that image fresh in my mind I remember going home and having to go off and have a wank. Wonderful.

Lou came into the room and walked over to Becci and gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked her if she'd like a cup of tea. Lou must have noticed the position of her skirt but appeared not to react at all. As Lou bent down for the kiss and gave another quick look. I immediately felt my cock begin to stiffen.

I sat opposite Becci and started to chat but this became more and more difficult as all I wanted to do was to stare at her wonderful tights covered panties. She still made no effort to correct herself, if anything she allowed her legs to open a little. At this I got up to go to the kitchen, firstly to rearrange my now semi hard cock in my trousers and also to see what my wife made of what was happening.

When I explained, to my utter amazement she said I should go back and enjoy the view until she realises. My wife looked down between my legs as said, 'I can see you are enjoying the sights on offer'! My wife was actually giving me position to go and stare up the skirt of her best friend and didn't mind that is was turning me on something rotten.

I walked back into the front room and although Becci had slightly moved position I could tell if I sat in the seat opposite I would have an amazing view. I was right and my cock began to stiffen again. Lou walked in with the tea and to my shock came over to me and placed her hand right on my bulging trousers.

'Told you he'd like the view Bec'!

I went to push her hand off but she told me to relax.

'It's all planned as a little treat for you', she said. Becci knows what's she's doing. With that Becci moved her legs further apart to give me a full clear view of her fantastic legs, her tights and her white panties. Then with my head already spinning at what was happening Lou unzipped my trouser and reached in to pull out my rock hard cock.

'My, you are very hard, love', she said. I couldn't speak. I was staring at Becci as she looked at my member.

'What do you say Becci'? asked my wife.


Becci then stood up, walked over to me and knelt right in front of my chair. Lou let go of my cock and Becci slowly lowered her mouth over the tip. I looked at Lou with an obvious look of fear. She just smiled and told me to relax and enjoy. Becci slowly slid my cock into her whole mouth and what an amazing feeling. I wasn't going to last long and soon was telling Lou, 'I'm cumming'. Lou looked at me and said, 'don't worry, it's what Becci is hoping for'. 'Well kiss me then', I said. If I was going to shoot my load into my wife's best friends mouth I wanted to be kissing her. As my wife's lips touched mine and I felt her tongue probe my mouth I climaxed liked I never done before. Becci mouth was soon over flowing with my cum and as much as she tried to swallow it the more I sprayed into her. Finally the flood of cum eased and she let my cock slip from her mouth. I immediately stopped kissing Lou and told her to kiss Becci. I wanted Lou to taste my cum from Becci lips.

Not sure Lou had bargained for this but I guess realised she didn't have much choice but to obey. My cum was still visible on Beccies lips. Lou leaned over and slowly began kissing Becci and licking my cum from her. I was still in shock at what had just happened. Lou doesn't hardly ever gives me blow jobs any more so to have just shot my entire load into Beccis mouth was just incredible.

Lou broke from her kiss with Becci and turned to me. 'I think you better reciprocate the favour! If Becci is as turned on as me I'm sure she's longing to have her pussy licked'! Now I did have to double take this comment because I can't remember how many years it's been since I tasted my wife's pussy.

I looked at Becci and she smiled and nodded. 'Well, shall we go up stairs and be more comfortable'? I asked.

On reaching the bedroom I walked up to Becci and undid her skirt zip. You must have been able to see my heart pounding in my chest and my cock had unbelievably already started to stir a little again. Her skirt fell to the fall and I stared in wonderment the sight in front of me. Amazing. A pair of tights covering a pair of white panties, on my wife's best friend! Only 5 minutes ago I had shot a huge load of cum into her mouth but unbelievably I was now as hard as I was before!

I knelt and breathed in the scents that came from between her legs. I could feel myself going light headed. I looked over at Lou who was sitting in the bed and to my shock she had her hand down her jeans obviously playing with her pussy. She used to tell me she masturbated when she was single but I'd never seen this in 13 years of marriage. What was going on.

I gentle pushed Becci onto the bed and slowly began to remove her tights and panties. Her pussy had hair but was neat. She moved her legs apart and I could see she was moist. I decided to start kissing and licking the inner part of her leg and thigh but as soon as I'd begun this Becci grabbed my head and pushed it deep into her cunt. I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy and having hardly heard a word from Becci up until now she let out the most wonderful moan of pleasure. I drank her juices and licked and kissed her clit. After only a few minutes I could tell she was nearing her orgasm. I pulled away to tell Lou to take her trousers and panties off and let Becci pleasure her with her mouth. Until 30 minutes ago this would have been met with horror but before I could finish speaking Lous trousers were off and her very damp panties were being pulled down. Lou climbed on the bed and straddled Becci face. Becci quickly leaned up to taste Lous pussy and Lou sank slowly onto her mouth.

The moans from my wife were moans I had never heard her say. I carried on licking Beccis pussy but it was only for a few seconds because suddenly she exploded with her orgasm. I let her rub her orgasm over my face and didn't come up until I was sure it was over. As I lifted my head I had the sight of Becci devouring my wife's pussy and Lou looking like she was about to loose control. Moments later she orgasmed like I'd never seen her do before. It seemed to last for ever. As it subsided and she slid from Beccis face I moved up and started to remove the rest of Becci clothes. I needed to suck on those tits.

As I released them from her bra they were as magnificent as I had always imagined. I wasted no time and began to kiss, lick and suck on the both. As I lay on her I felt my rock hard cock gently nudge at Beccis sopping wet fanny. I couldn't hold back and slid my shaft all the way inside her. It felt out if this world.

Suddenly Becci calls out, 'Lou'!!

'I don't think you'll stop him now', came the reply. I had the feeling I'd gone a little further than their initial plan. There was no way i wasn't going to fuck this women here and now. As I slowly stared to pump my cock in and out of her cunt and looked over at my gorgeous wife who was lying against the headboard of the bed, legs apart and fingering herself like I'd never seen before. 'Thank you', was all I could muster, as I turned and started to increase the speed of my thrusts. Beccis moaning began to get louder and louder.

Even though I had cum only 10 or so minutes ago I knew that I wasn't going to be long before my second load of cum was shooting from my cock. I was no porn star and didn't have the staying power you read about in most stories. After a few minutes I could feel Becci having her second orgasm and as her pussy spasmed around my cock I exploded into her. I thought I'd cum a lot in her mouth but somehow I seemed to produce even more inside her cunt. I slid out from her and lay on my back. Before I could look at Lou she was between Beccis legs licking up the cum that was now seeping from Beccis pussy. When she had finished she turned to me and cleaned me up with her mouth as well.

When she had finished I laid her down spread her legs apart and, for the first time in a long long time, went down on her. She tasted wonderful. I took it in turns to lick her clit and push my tongue deep into her pussy. She was soon having an earth shattering orgasm, and as I looked up from her cunt saw that she had her tongue firmly in Becci mouth.

I was desperate to fuck my wife but even with everything that was happening, getting my cock hard enough again was going to take a little time.

We all lay naked on the bed. I was deeply kissing Lou whilst Becci was just dancing her fingers all over Lous body. After a while we all drifted into a light sleep.

When we woke an hour or so later Becci ask to use the shower. While she was gone Lou began to fill me in on when how and where this plan was thought up. As she did I slowly climbed on her and began fucking her. Nice and slowly and just how we both loved it. As my cum started to fill her cunt Becci came out of the ensuit. 'What have I been missing'? I pulled out of her pussy and almost immediately cum began to leak out. 'Help yourself Bec'! She didn't need telling twice and went straight down on my wife's pussy and licked all my freshly deposited cum out of her. I took my sorry looking very soft cock to my wife's mouth and she licked me clean.

Lou didn't have another orgasm but by the sounds coming from her she certainly enjoyed being cleaned by Becci.

We eventually all got dressed, and went back downstairs. Becci had a fresh cup of tea and there was a bit of small talk. Slightly awkward for a bit but things relaxed after a while. She left a little time later.

That was that. Lou and I obviously talk about it frequently and it always ends in mind blowing sex. Will it ever be repeated? I not sure. It would be amazing if it did!!