Written by REALFUN

30 Jan 2008

My mother-in-law is a posh lady, well spoken, sophisticated dress sense and good looking. I had looked at her with admiration on the odd occasion when I first met the wife and I think she caught me a couple of times as she smiled her approval to me once. Anyway time progressed and 14 years on nothing has happened until now.

I had to drop off some items she’d left at our house during her last visit. I arrived at what I thought was late 9.00am so was surprised when I didn’t get an answer from the door. Patricia peered out from the top bedroom window with her house coat on and said oh dear, can you go around the back dear as the door is open. I went round and let myself in. There wasn’t any sign of Patricia or her hubby so I just popped the kettle on and sat down in the living room. Patricia came through with just this see through black nightie on and said sorry love I was catching up on my sleep and didn’t expect you till dinner time. I looked and smiled and said don’t apolgize my apologies I thought would would have been up. She noticed me looking and have to admit the cock being hard must have give it away! I wanted to keep her there so began to say Ive put the kettle on now do you fancy a cuppa with me. She replied oh that would be lovely bring it up to me whilst I wake up slowly. I watched a she walked of up the stairs and just before she turned away she looked to catch me watching and smiled. I thought fuck this she’s having my cock and walked up behind her. She obviously noticed me and said I thought you were doing a cuppa love. I looked at her and said it can wait and she smiled and continued to walk to her bedroom. I got right behind her and touched held her waist then kissed her on the neck. She heaved out as I unwrapped the nightie revealing her gorgeous tits and pussy. Her body was superb and I just stood their gazing and admiring her for a few seconds. She looked at me and said are you sure you want to do this? I looked and said well Im sure you want me too so theres your answer. I stood in front of her and buried my head between her legs licking her pussy. She held my head tightly and sighed out goodness that is nice. She eased herself onto the bed with me following her and raised her kness for me to continue licking her pussy. I had here heaving and screaming out as I really lapped every bit of her now soaking pussy. She shuddered to an almighty orgasm soaking me as I tried in vain to lick every drop up. By now I had undone my trouser and took of my boxers and stood ready to fuck her. Patricia looked at me and said please fuck me. I climbed onto the bed and pushed my aching cock into her wet pussy as she cried out fuck me, fuck me. I knew she wanted it hard and fast so I pushed my cock as far up as it would go and began to ram into her. She gripped my buttocks as I unleashed every inch of my meat into her. I got faster and faster as she screamed out that fucking superb in her posh voice. It wasn’t too long before I hoisted her arse into the air and shot my load into her with what seemed to be forever. She kissed me and said she hasn’t felt that feeling for years as her hubby didn’t fancy sex since his vasectomy nearly 10 year back. She thanksd me for fucking her and said if I ever wanted to again she would be very happy to let me. With this I kissed her and said you are one hell of a fuck and you bet I will want to again and left saying I’d better be getting back. She smiled and said let yourself out and I left.

I got asked by the wife if I could look at the washer at her mums as her hubby had a bad back which I knew was an excuse for me to fuck Patricia again so I went up and did this within seconds of entering the house in the kitchen where she stood waiting however after fucking her she said I need to tell you something. I said ok as she looked at me and said Im pregnant!!!!!!!! I nearly died and said what but I thought you couldn’t get pregnant now as your in your fifty’s. She said well as Colin got done she never bothered and to be honest she though she couldn’t too. I didn’t know aht to say so I just simply said where do we go from here. She said I have told Colin I had a fling at work as I was desperate to be fucked again and he has said its up to me what I want to do but he’s happy with me continuing to fuck this guy and will leave the decision to me. Well unfortunately the pregnancy didn’t go full term and she had a miscarriage however the doctor put this down to the fact as she was actually going through the full change at the time so we are still fucking from time to time.