Written by Hallbo

16 Oct 2009

The Barmaid

It was the last hot evening of the autumn and I went to a local pub for a few drinks with friends. As the night went on I ended up sitting at the bar and chatting to the bar maid. We have always flirted and the usual sexual chat continued. She has told me about her pierced pussy and always teases me about it. At closing time she tidied up and tried to clear the pub. I sat there finishing my beer before making my way outside.

After about fifteen minutes she came out and got into her car. She gave me a wave and beckoned me over. She offered me a lift and I accepted. I was amazed at the smell of her perfume and lovely legs as she drove away. We were suddenly all alone and my cock started to swell.

She then told me that the lights had blown at home (just before work) and could I sort them out. I agreed and she drove me back to her place. Her boyfriend was away on a football tour and she was worried about playing with the electrics.

We got back and I had a look with a torch. I had to lay under the stairs and she stood close to me. The MCB had tripped and it was an easy to sort out but as I looked up I could see up her skirt and in the torchlight white panties. She looked gorgeous and my cock was immediately throbbing. I stalled for a while but then told her that it was a simple thing to sort and put the lights back on.

She immediately realised that I had been sneaking a look, blushed and called me dirty sod. I changed the subject and asked what had caused the power to trip. It was her hair dryer so we went to the bedroom to test it. She turned it on and there was a big blue spark. She dropped the dryer and all the power tripped out again. We were now in her bedroom, in the dark and she was holding me. I laughed and she held on. I gave her a cuddle and said I would sort things out. She held my hand and we stumbled our way to the electric cupboard. I again laid down and reached under the stairs. She knelt down and tried to see what I was doing. She smelled fantastic and was very close. I shone the torch and showed her what to do. I put the lights on and then moved away. She eased herself around and had her head under the stairs. Her skirt had ridden up and I could see her panties again.

I asked her if she was alright and she eased herself out from under the stairs which involved lifting her legs. I just stood there admiring her. She then said coffee or wine so i agreed to share a wine. She told me that I might have to get a cab as she has already had a couple of drinks and did not want to drive. I said I could stay the night to which she said ‘don’t push your luck’. She put some music on and we chatted. I heard all about her boyfriend. He seemed to be out all the time and she did not trust him. I told her that I would just keep her at home if she was my girl and she thanked me. She snuggled into me and we started to kiss. It was fantastic and we slowly stripped each other. Her boobs were small and pert and her pussy was trimmed closely. As we kissed my hands went between her legs and she was very wet. Her clit had a little gold bar hat I rubbed. She started moaning and I gently wanked her until she came. It was very intense and she then stood up, took my hand and took me to bed.

We lay down and she immediately took me in her mouth. I was dribbling and she licked it away before taking me deep into her throat. I could have come straight away but wanted to be inside her. She worked herself up the bed kissing and nibbling me before straddling me. She eased me into her and gently rode me. I could feel her tightness and she worked herself on my cock. I could feel her coming and she fell into my arms.

I knew I wanted to come and rolled her over. She lay there and I just kept sliding into her gradually increasing speed until I was ready to come. I told her I was coming and she pulled me close as I pumped into her. We lay there for ages and my cock remained hard so I gently started rocking and built up the pace until I came again. I had not done that for ages and then fell off her.

After dozing for a while I woke up and she was smiling at me. She told it was confession time. She said that she had fancied me for ages and used to play with herself thinking about us together. She also told me that she already knew how to sort the power and had used it as an excuse to get me home. The final confession was that her guy had left her a couple of weeks before and she had kept it a secret because she did not want the attention. I kissed her and said I was happy that she was single. I would keep her secret and when she needed me I would pop round.

We spent the rest of the night cuddling and in the morning she gave me a wonderful blowjob because she was sore although she did let me suck her clit and piercing until she came.

I have been back a few times since but that’s another story.