Written by Angie

26 Jan 2018

As normal i do fitness training , curcuits / pyramids anything HIT , my normal gym was closed for s electrical issue , but i was given the contact info my PT , she gave me the address of another gymn , anyway found the place it was a mixed class about 12 people after a warm up we were straight into the training , very hardcore , lots of sweating , just what i needed , to finish off we were paired off for a final stretch, my partner was Ellie , late 20s very pretty , lovely toned body , with legs akimbo we stretched our muscles and i couldnt help looking at Ellies stiff nipples under her training top and the contours of her pussy through her training shorts , i know she knew i was looking , i have always been a bit curious but never had the chance to explore , stretch over , i stripped off and hit the showers , i heard Ellies voice asking could she have some of my shower gel , i was just finishing off and i could see Ellies naked body , firm boobs and a neatly trimmed pussy , i grabbed my towel , then with towel in hand Ellie gave me my shower gel back , then she started drying herself , little looks from me had guilty written all over my face , this time Ellie knew i was looking , on my way out , Ellie said do you fancy a coffee , i said yes , i said i would meet her outside. Checking my phone she arrived , she said i live 5 mind walkaway or we could go to starbs , she said come back to mine , it will save money , like a lamb i followed her .

Ellie lived in a flat , she said lives alone after finishing with her ex boyfriend , sitting next to her fire , we chattered away , i said i had a BF , she came out and said she was Bi , all men were bastards but woman were more loyal , anyway she asked me if i was bi , i said no , she said i saw you looking are you just a looker or would you like to try .

I was blushing but my pussy was getting wetter and wetter , she moved in and we kissed a full on “i want you” kiss , her hands found my boobs and errect nipples , still kissing she tweaked my nipples , she stopped and started undressing , i followed , naked we got into her bed , soft kisses and gentle finger , made me cum , ellie guided my hand to her nipples and she told me to lick her nipples then my fingers found her tight pussy , ellie changed positions and legs open she kissed and licked my pussy , and i came again , ellie lay back and moved my head towards her crotch , and then i was licking my first pussy , she tasted sweet , ellie opened up her pussy , my tounge darted between her clit and pussy hole , she begged me to finger her at the same time , she came , i was in heaven , we got dressed and as i was leaving ellie gave me her phone number she said phone me soon ......i have looked at that number hundreds of times , my bf is a good man and in his way he satisfies me , but ellie took my passion to another level , i even fingered myself if my works toilets , she has opened up another side of me and i want more .........am i wrong , am i being selfish , is dabbling with my bi side a mistake , any male or female words of advice would help