Written by kengrnt

1 Jun 2013

i was at a night out in town and met an old friend of my ex g/f alice was sexy looking for late fiftys slim small tits but pretty she said her man had left 3yrs ago so she was enjoying herself and said she met my ex at a party saying you are single as well yes i said so we can fuck now if we want as i laughed she said lorna was saying she saw her getting fucked at the party as she was in the bed next to the one i was in i said you fucking also lucky guy as the pub closed i offered to share a cab we got in and i asked if she fancied a nightcap we went to mine as i gave her a drink she dropped it all over her front soaking her dress making it clear she had sussies and sexy undies as i gave her a bathrobe we chatted as it opened giving me a view of her white panties showing her very hairy pussy she saw me stare saying time i shaved as she smiled blushing i said looks good to me as i opened her robe looking up at her bush as she never moved i put my hand up her thigh and kissed her she groaned i said so sexy opening her legs laying her back as i kised her stomach touching her bra as she took it of saying they are so small not like lorna,s they are better i said kissing them my hard cock pressing on her she got so horny tugging at my flies releasing my cock as i fingered her hole her gusset pulled to the side she moaned saying give me it fuck me lifting her legs easing it up her wet tight hole pumping her as she shuddered in orgasm very quikly as i fucked her faster shooting my cum up her