20 Dec 2015

I have posted on here a few times talking about my wife’s favourite fantasy of a mfm threesome, and while she gets extremely wet while I make her cum via dp with fingers and toys, in the cold light of day she says she doesn’t want to do it for real.

Have considered going down the line of getting her a sensual massage from another man without me being present to try and bring her out of her shell, as she is very shy. Things have been changing the last couple of weeks though.

The last few times we have made love I have brought her to an orgasm via dp and while talking to her saying would she like this to be real cocks inside her etc. she has said yes. I know it could be the heat of the moment but I also kept saying that I would love her more and wouldn’t think badly of her if she enjoyed such a thing.

I also said do you want me to make it happen and she said yes, and we have also just purchased another toy in the form of a 3way rabbit vibrator and I intend to press her further when we use it for the first time if she wants to have a threesome for real.

Would just like to add I don’t want to be some kind of cuckold and I certainly don’t have any bi tendencies, I just get off on seeing and feeling her really turned on. The last time I talked dirty to her about it while dping her she came twice and the last one was really big with feeling the wettest I have ever felt her.

Does anyone have any advice?