Written by Alan

26 Apr 2013

Angie was obviously very aroused as she described her session with Sean and Rich. She wanted to describe the events in detail and asked me to take her to a nature park nearby. As we approached our destination I struggled to focus on the road as she pulled her skirt up and began gently rubbing her clit. Angie continued her story as I pulled up. Neither Richard or Sean made any attempt to conceal their intentions as Sean moved his hands to my wife's breasts, squeezing and caressing them through the flimsy material of her blouse. To the obvious delight of the taxi driver Sean pulled open her blouse and quickly undone her bra. Angie giggled as her breasts were exposed to both lads and a very excited taxi driver. She told me she felt liberated, a true wanton sex goddess as all three men gazed at the sight of my wife topless with her legs wide open draped over each lad as each lad took turns fingering her and sucking her nipples.

Angie then demanded taxi divert to a local nature park which just happened to be where we were now parked. It wasn't too far from the hotel and Angie intended to combine her first threesome with an outdoor session. All three lovers exited the car, Angie making no attempt to cover her naked breasts and erect nipples. Richard paid the taxi and dared Angie to let him cop a feel of her tits. Not one to turn down a dare Angie walked over and offered her breasts to the driver. He cupped each tit in turn and plucked her aroused nipples, all the while complimenting her on such a magnificent pair of tits. Angie broke away after giving him a quick kiss, sending him on his way with probably the best tip he was likely to get all year. she linked up arms with Rich and Sean and lead them to a wood across from a park.

Fortunately it was getting late and there was no sign of other activity. Angie began discarding her clothes as she walked across the small field until she reached a small foot bridge over a small woodland stream. One of the lads gallantly placed their t shirt on the small wall and Angie sat, now naked and invited Sean to kiss her pussy by opening her legs. Angie told me how kinky she felt as Sean knelt between her legs and first eased a finger up her now soaking pussy. Richard meanwhile was removing his clothes to reveal a muscular torso and an impressive cock. Approaching her from the side he first rubbed his cock around her nipple before Angie took it into her hand and gently eased back his foreskin. She breathlessly described the cock he presented her with. Around 9 inches with a good girth it was a truly impressive specimen. I am ashamed to say my feelings of inadequacy only increased my own arousal and I pulled out my inferior cock and began wanking as she related her story.

Angie teased him by pretending to lick the end of his cock before pulling away. After several false attempts she suddenly plunged her head down and took as much of his hard tool into her mouth as possible. All this time Sean was finger fucking my wife while simultaneously rubbing her clit with his thumb. The whole situation was becoming too much for Angie and her orgasm began to build into a steady wave of pleasure radiating from her clit and up her spine. "oh god yes that's so fucking good" she cried as grasped Richard's cock and forced as much down her throat as she could manage.

To be continued...