Written by constantinos

15 Jul 2017

Hi everyone I live and work on the island of Kos this is a first time post the place I like to go isTigaki nudist beach there are many sexy women there I walk on the beach every day and over the last 2 weeks I have watched a young woman getting fucked several times and sucking cock like she loves it on one occasion I watched her partner send her into the dunes to get fucked by a well hung Greek he used her like a slut and she moaned all the way through it coming back to her partner like a whore but this is nothing to do with the red dress . I go for a drink in a local bar which is open to the early hours on this night the lady add on a tight flower dress she was on the stage dancing with the bar man very sexily I watched the all the time he pulled up the back of her dress to show her bottom she ad nothing on under her dress he the pulled her dress top down to expose her tits they were huge add fantastic he pulled her into a corner took out his cock were she dropped down and sucked it there were many men watching like me with a huge erection nothing else happened that night the next night I went in again only to watch her a dark corner outside in the main bar with her legs as wide as they would go getting her cunt licked moaning as passer by walked past she then came indoors with the said red dress on and started dancing to the music the dress had a split all the way up one side level with her cunt as shed danced all the men in the packed bar looked on the went down to a very low squat exposing her gapping cunt to every one there was a groan from a few men me and my pal she went to the toilets he followed her in he told me he went in kissed her told her she was vey sexy felt her tits and she stroked is cock he went a second time and did this again this time more forcefully he wanted to fuck her but he was with is wife later I watched as the bar man followed her into the toilets and herd to her getting fucked in there coming out cunt full of spunk on a other night my luck changed she was again out side getting licked out a coming over every thing being watched by a woman and her man him playing with his cock she fingering her self I moved up behind her put my hand down her dress she was dripping all over the floor and making animal like sounds as she came she took hold of my hand pulled it tighter to her tits and bit my arm as she came again I came in that instant it was a vey good night. just a thank you to the lady in the red dress you did a lot for us mails in that few days and for some females I have been told you and your partner come every year I will be looking out for you then.