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"ffm fun"

I`m now swinging as a straight single male but this is one from when me and the wife used to play, I do so much miss those days, if your ever looking for a late 40`s straight guy to join in on your fun drop me a message on here, so without further ado here we go I hope you enjoy.

It was back in December 2006 about 9:30pm when we got back to our room after dinner. My late wife Sue (I lost her in 2018 to ovarian cancer) and I were sharing a room with our friend Lynda while we all attended a Xmas party for the company we worked for in Birmingham in the UK. We decided to go back to the room, shower and change clothes before going out for some late night partying as the hotel bar was open till 1am. Sharing a room with two beautiful ladies certainly has its high points, but bathroom time is not one of them. Ever the gentleman, I suggested that the ladies should go first. Lynda won the coin toss and was first for the shower. Sue and I opened a bottle of wine, poured Lynda a glass and turned on the TV. In my own head, I was calculating the time it would take for me to see the shower, I hoped I was wrong! Lynda headed for the bathroom and in a few minutes I heard the shower go on. Lynda had left the door open, just enough to let the steam out. A moment later we heard Lynda call Sue, she had left the shampoo in her luggage. I offered to get it for her but Sue hopped up, found the shampoo and headed into the steamy bathroom. What I didn't know until later is what happened next. This was told to me later by Sue.

The curves of Lynda`s body were visible behind foggy shower doors. A thought crossed Sue's mind and her pulse skipped a beat. Quickly my wife stripped down to her underwear and entered the hot shower. Lynda was a bit surprised as Sue handed her the shampoo and joined her under the running water. My wife's sheer underwear quickly left nothing to the imagination, as they got wet. The first move was Sues, she leaned toward Lynda and kissed her on the lips. For several minutes, their tongues jumped playfully against each other. Sue took the shampoo back from Lynda. She poured a good amount into her hand and again stepped toward Lynda. Their wonderful breasts touched under the steady stream of water and quickly, their nipples hardened. My wife's hands massaged the soap into Lynda's hair and Lynda's hands massaged my wife's sexy round melons. Lynda closed her eyes, took a moment to enjoy the attention, then arched her back and tilting her head, she rinsed the soap from her hair. Sue and Lynda slowly swapped positions, their wet and slippery bodies touching as Sue got her hair washed. When Sue's hair was clean, Lynda reached for the body soap and the fun really began. Standing face to face, Lynda soaped Sue's soft shoulders, chest and arms. Then, she stepped in a little closer, their bodies pressed against each other again, Lynda reached around and ran her hands up and down my wife's soapy back. With this motion, their beautiful slippery boobs rubbed against each other over and over with each nipple standing tall, as if looking for more attention. Lynda`s soapy hands cupped Sue's ass and pulled her close for another lip lock. Soft moans escaped the lips of both women.

Lynda dropped to her knees and continued to lather the curves of my wife's ass and down her thighs. Lynda saw that I had sculpted Sue's pussy hair in the shape of a T. She smiled as her fingers gently traced the letter, stopping for just a moment to tease the now swollen pussy lips. Then she reached between my wife's legs to the area between her ass cheeks and slowly rubbed back and forth. Sue's legs parted slightly to allow Lynda more room to play. Now with each stroke forward, Lynda's thumb slid deeply into Sue's well-lubed slot. Holding onto Sue's ass, Lynda began playing with and then rubbing my wife's pussy. Her fingers teased Sue's clit, then darted deep into her pussy. Sue's eyes closed and her breathing stopped for a moment. The heat from Lynda's hands went deep into Sue's pussy, igniting a fire of bi-sexual desire. With her excitement building, Sue reached down and pulled Lynda up to her. Trading places again with Lynda, my wife started the soaping process.

With Lynda facing away from her, Sue started on Lynda's back and gradually moved down toward her shapely ass. Sue massaged her round cheeks, squeezing them together and then letting her hands slip between them. Reaching around, Sue then caressed Lynda's round breasts. In no time they were slippery and shiny with hardened nipples peeking out from the soapy bubbles. Sue's hands moved south to Lynda's stomach, playing with her jeweled belly button, pulling her hips close and then sliding down her thighs.

Finally, Sue's hands sought out Linda's treasure. With soap in hand Sue lathered the area between Linda's legs. Lynda shaves her pussy completely, so Sue reaches for the razor and turns Lynda around. My wife slipped her fingers into the folds of Linda's pussy, massaging gently before beginning to shave her slowly. Sue worked the razor over Lynda's soft mound, slowly and gently. It was a very erotic scene with my wife on her knees, removing the last traces of hair from Lynda. Sue rinsed the soap from Linda's body and knelt in front of her again. This time, driven by her own desire and the heat between her legs, she began to explore the secret spot right in front of her. Lynda leaned back against the shower wall, moaned loudly and spread her legs. Sue's hands held Linda's round ass and her face was buried in Lynda's slippery pussy. In no time, Sue's chin was drenched with the sexy juices caused by the desire flowing from her friend's pussy lips.

After just a few more moments, Lynda reached down and lifted Sue up to feet. She offered my wife a deep kiss that Sue greedily accepted. After a few more kisses, Lynda reminded my wife that I was still in the other room. Sue let her in on our little secret. I was really excited to see Sue with Lynda. I had always wanted to see them together. Sue asked Lynda if she would be up for that? A few giggles between them and the shower was over.

Now, back to me Sitting on the bed and now drinking my second glass of wine, I thought Sue would be right back out. I was planning on offering my dick to Sue for a quick suck while Lynda was just out of sight. If we had time, I planned to offer Sue more than just that. After a few moments, I realised my wife was not coming right back and I assumed that she was just adjusting her makeup and chatting with Lynda. The door was still open slightly, maybe I could casually stroll in there. When I got to the door, my jaw dropped and my dick went hard immediately. I could not really see what was happening, but I could see that my wife and Lynda were enjoying each other immensely. I wondered if the steam in the bathroom was from the shower or from the two women in such close quarters. I heard a few giggles and suddenly, the shower turned off. I quickly returned to my position on the bed. Aside from lying on my stomach, there was no way to conceal the tent in my jeans! In a few moments, the girls came out wrapped in towels and headed straight toward me with big smiles like a couple of naughty school kids.

Sue was the first to drop her towel. Her beautiful body and all of her lovely curves filled my view. Her hands went to my shoulders and pushed me back onto my elbows. My wife's lips met mine with a big kiss. I am guessing that these hot women had made a few plans, cause Lynda went straight for my dick. She expertly unhooked my belt and unzipped my fly. Grabbing each pocket of my jeans in her hands, she yanked the lot down to my ankles. Her hands went up each leg and met at the bulge in my boxers. Lynda's hand skillfully cupped and squeezed my balls while the other hand stroked my rock hard shaft. Sue unbuttoned my shirt and helped me out of it. She stayed at my side, kissing me and running her hands along my chest. Soon my tool was wet all the way to the base and Lynda's tongue was flicking at the underside of the sensitive tip. Both of us watched as Lynda's head bobbed up and down on my dick while her ass was sticking up in the air. It drives me crazy when my wife's ass is poised like that I always want to fuck her from behind. Sue must have thought so too. With another deep kiss, she left me and positioned herself behind Lynda. She slowly caressed Lynda's lower back, round ass and muscular thighs from behind. Lynda's big moist pussy lips were visible between her legs and Sue made sure to give them lots of attention.

The attention seemed to urge Lynda on. As Sue licked and sucked on her sweet juices, Lynda moaned loudly and attacked my dick harder than before. She would lean forward and suck and lick and stroke my shaft. Then she would lean back and press her pussy against Sue's tongue. Suddenly Lynda's body went stiff and she clamped down firmly on me as she came. With each wave of her orgasm, Lynda would moan. With my dick still in her mouth, the sensation was wild. Knowing that I could not last very long with this kind of attention, I quickly pulled my dick from her mouth and got up off the bed. What I wanted to see now was these two hotties get it on. I would not be disappointed! While Lynda was enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm, my wife was lying beside her, slowly caressing the soft curves of this sexy playmate. After a few moments, Lynda smiled and said it was time for Sue to really know what a woman was like. She had my wife lay on her stomach and she began to slowly massage her curves. My wife has a beautiful ass. It isn't one of those lifeless, bony things you see on skinny wannabe model types. It is a wonderful heart shaped ass that just begs me for attention. Most days I can't help but grab it. If we are making love, I just have to caress it, lick it and if I am lucky fuck it!

I could tell that Lynda's soft touch was exciting for my wife. I know that watching them was exciting for me. I sat off to the side in a comfortable chair, stroking my dick, watching and wanting to be a part of my wife's fantasy. By this time, Lynda had worked her hand in between my wife's legs and was stroking her pussy from behind. Sue's hips moved slowly up and down. Lynda climbed onto Sue and kissed her way up my wife's back. She ended up at Sue's neck and ear. Then she rolled her over onto her back and kissed her on the lips. Then she kissed her on the neck. Then she worked her way down my wife's body kissing her breasts, then stomach, then hips and thighs and finally focusing on Sue's moist pussy lips. My wife was already primed for attention and quickly soaked Lynda's face with her sweet juices. Sue's hand went between her legs to help Lynda along. The sight of Lynda licking my wife's pussy and Sue playing with herself was mind blowing and I was stroking a very hard dick. Lynda looked up from her work and motioned me to come over. When I got there, she had Sue get up on all fours. Then she told me to fuck my wife dogie style she did not have to ask twice! Sue's pussy was so wet I did not need any lube and slid easily between her tight lips. Lynda watched for a few minutes, caressing my wife's tits and ass, even pulling Sue's butt cheeks apart to get a good close look at the action of my cock. Then Lynda had me stop for a moment. With a quick kiss, she slid under my wife so her head was between Sue's legs from below. She told Sue that the sexiest feeling in the world is to have your pussy licked by another woman while your man is fucking it. Then she had my wife spread her legs and plant her pussy right onto Lynda's face.

Then she told me to get fucking and she started licking. I was not going to last very long and thankfully, Sue wasn't either. In a matter of moments, Sue started to grind her pussy into Lynda's face and in the same movement, pushed back against me. I knew she was close and it was all I could do to hang on. In the next instant Sue came explosively and I could not hold on any longer. I pushed my dick as far into her pussy as it would go and shot the biggest, hottest load I think I have ever had. Seconds later Lynda cried out that she could taste both of our cum dripping out of Sue's pussy. After a few moments of stillness, we all collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. Slowly we gathered ourselves together, I took a warm shower and we all called it a night and collapsed on the bed all together to sleep.

Written by Leicestershireguy

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