16 Apr 2017

I found out my husband posted his story on here, I wanted to give my version of events and what has happened since returning from Maspolomas,.

A bit of background I was happily married for 25years and had been totally faithful, it was when my husband Ray confessed he wanted to screw some other women on holiday, he knew what went on in the dunes of Maspolomas and I was not happy about this but he seemed determined regardless what I thought. it was then I decided to hatch a plan to teach him a lesson.

I bought a cock cage off amazon and the first night on holiday we was in a sexy mood and he likes a bit of bondage so I blindfolded and tied him to the bed, he had an erection so I wanked and sucked him till he came, when he went limp I proceeded to lock him in the cock cage, I think he thought it was part of the sex session, I untied him and removed the blindfold, his comment was when he saw the cock cage was WTF, I told him see how many girls you fuck now buster!

I keep my self in trim by watching what I eat and visit the gym 2 or 3 times a week. when on holiday I enjoy wearing micro bikinis in the day and revealing dresses at night I like the tan lines I get plus the attention from other men although i have never acted upon it. This year was going to be different my plan was to flirt with every man I met and teach him a lesson

The next day I was sun bathing by the pool of our private villa with hubby still caged up complaining to take it off , I had a few drinks and feeling horny when a young spaniard turned up to clean the pool. He was going about his duties but through my sun glasses I could see he couldn't take his eyes off me and he was showing an erection in his shorts. I thought her's a chance so I got up off my sun bed and went over and asked if he wanted a drink? I shouted to Ray get the young lad a drink,

I carried on talking, well flirting with him really and before hubby was back he was snogging me and feeling my tits, I responded by rubbing his cock through his shorts, I the got him on the sun bed with his shorts down giving him a blow job,

He was loving it. when hubby came back with the drink his face was a picture , I had a great afternoon with this young stud having oral and him fucking my brains out in front of my husband,

He finally said he had to go as he had more work to do and I told Ray that was the best fuck I have ever had,he was much bigger than you and fucked better than you, he was not a happy hubby and called me a slut, I responded, whats good for the goose!!

This was the start of my new sexual adventures with other men, during the holiday I got fucked every day with different men or by the pool boy and kept hubby in his cage all week, (shame he couldn't even have a wank, )

If your interested I'll tell you how things progressed back off holiday.