9 Nov 2015

Despite having had some fun together Jane and I sometimes pretend as though we are having 'our first time' together and last week was one such occasion. We were both having a pretty crappy day so decided to go for a lunchtime walk around the site together. I managed to fit in a gym session before we had agreed to leave and when I got back there was no sign of Jane, my heart sank a little thinking I was going to miss out on some fun thinking she had stood me up. Fortunately her meeting overran and as she passed my desk she told me she was getting her coat and to meet her at the door.

We enjoyed a very pleasurable walk together having a good old moan all the while I was admiring her exquisite beauty. She insists she is fat and wears 'fat clothes' to which I keep telling her she is not fat and she isn't. She is an incredibly sexy mature woman with and amazing ass and very sexy tits which during our walk I couldn't keep my eyes off. On our walk our conversation started to get a bit naughty and she turned and looked at me and said 'you know my hubby thinks that you want to get into my panties don't you. Of course I've told him not to be so silly as you wouldn't want and old lady like me'. I turned and told her that there was one way to find out and that it all depended on if she was wearing any. She told me off for being so naughty then a few paces later she said 'so do you and yes I am wearing panties, a nice black thong actually'. With that I told her we had better find somewhere we could stop so I could take a look. So we headed over to a part of the site that is open but no longer used and found ourselves a quiet office where Jane hitched up her skirt and said 'so what do you think?' I told her that her hubby was right but I also wanted to take more than her panties so we had a very quick fuck before heading back to the office together. Jane gave me her panties telling me that I could return them to her that evening as she would make her hubby sleep in the spare room.