Written by 4hours2cum

16 Mar 2008

I have been single as in devorced for over four years I think I have a fairly strong sex drive or libido ,I crave the touch of a womans body.

I use romantic dating sites to look for romance and sex but sometimes I get lucky in finding a lady who is looking for intimacy here are three such ladies the first I met through a free dating site on the web I will change the names.

we chatted online through msn then exchanged phone numbers she said she was free to meet the following day a warm summers day in July we agreed to meet in Rochdale shopping centre then just as I was leaving I get a text meet me at my house heres the address so I prime the satnav and off I go the journey took an hour from door to door.

I knocked on the door Linda answered the door wearing a red fleace pink T-shirt and tight faded jeans we talked like we were neighbours or had known each other for years,she said sit down would you like a drink I said coffee so she went to fill the kettle then returned to the lounge I beckened her over and kissed her lips pulling her lips with my lips then she pulled away as the kettle clicked off and came back with two steaming mugs of coffee which she place on the table she sat down next to me on an ajacent chair I pulled her up and said I want you to sit with me,we tentavly kissed still pulling her lips.I eased a hand up inside her T-shirt carressing her breasts through her bra then I pushed up the cups and pulled on her rubbery soft nipples gradually feeling them hardening with my touch.still kissing her I popped the button on her jeans she did not resist I pulled down the zip and stroked the top of her mons,Linda\'s hand stroked slowly up my leg till she found the bulge of my hardening cock she squeezed my cock I said \"I want you !\"she said\"i\'ve never done this before shall we go in the bedroom\"

she stood up pulling my hand and leading me into the next room, her bedroom she shut the door.Linda pulled off her top then pushed down her jeans I took off my jacket and undressed her bed was covered with black satin sheets I lay naked on the bed she slid in beside me Linda is 5\'5\" tall slim sexy her breasts are 34b she is size 12,our arms circled each other my hard cock slapped her belly I wanted to mount her there and then no protection just to feel her.

then we started kissing again our tongues just starting to come into play I eased a hand across her spiky stubble into her wet slot as I frigged her she came moaning into our kiss

then I frigged her again after changing positions till she shuddered into another cum then she kissed down my body then sucked my cock like an expert for half an hour whilst I caressed every part of her body I could reach,then she lay beside me and I kissed down her beautiful body her tits pulling on the long nipples down her flat belly through the course forrest of pubic hair into the valley her legs opened as wide as she could allowing me unrestricted access to her wet pussy I licked nibbled sucked her hard little man sticking my tongue into her wet slot as far as it would go covering my face with her wet pussy juice she came twice on my tongue then I reached over got a condom rolled it down my cock and gently inserted it into her lovely body slowly allowing her to get used to my girth 6\" feeling every muscle inside her cunt as I slowly sank right into the very depth of her until our pubes meshed together I then said \"do you want me to fuck you or make love to you\"she said \"make love to me\"so we did after an hour I said \"close your legs\" then from the missionary position I rolled onto our sides and continued to slide my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy she rolled a bit more so she was astride me then she came again soaking me with her love juices then as she got off me I said \"how about 69\"so we sucked each other the she said my favourite position is doggy so she grabbed the headboard presenting me with her lovely bottom I shuffled up the bed sliding my cock into her hot cunt from behind holding onto her hips as I hammered in and out till she shuddered through two orgasms the she snuggles down beside me pulling the quilt over us so I thumb fucked her to orgasm then between us we wanked my cock so I showered her belly with hot sticky spunk.then she said \"when can you see me again\"but odly enough that was the only time I went to Rochdale to see Linda.(Part two soon if you like this one)