Written by jaydeeeff1

7 Oct 2009

I often travel for work and once had an interesting experience at the Marriott in Chicago. I was visiting for a few days, attending meetings that occupied most of my days. I usually left the hotel room fairly early in the morning, around 7am, but always walked by the maintenance room on my floor. The maintenance and cleaning staff were usually arriving and getting ready for their day.

One particular young girl caught my eye every morning. She made it a point to make eye contact with me and smile beautifully. Nothing ever said, simply a wonderful smile that made my day and sent me off to my meetings with a happy feeling. She was not a stunningly beautiful girl, never wore any makeup, but glowed with a natural beauty and her smile simply radiated from her.

On the fourth day of my stay I had to return to my hotel room between meetings to attend a conference call. I arrived at the room at around 10:00 am and started my call, using my computer. I sat at the desk and the rest of the room was not yet made up. After a few minutes on the call there was a knock on my door. I couldn't leave the call so I simply ignored the knock until the girl opened the door and entered the room to make it up. It was my friend.

She looked me straight in the eyes and mouthed, "Do you want me to come back later?"

I quickly put the call on mute and told her it was no problem and that she could make up the room while I was there, as long as she was quiet while working. She got a beautiful smile on her face and set about her work.

For the first while she was stripping the bed. As she worked I noticed that she seemed to be purposely keeping her back to me, which I didn't mind at all, as it gave me an opportunity to assess her perfect ass without her noticing me watching. She bent over a number of times while working on my bed, giving me a perfect view of her round and firm bottom.

When she finished making the bed she went into the washroom and started cleaning up in there. I noticed right away that there was a full-length mirror on the closet doors right across from the washroom and the angle gave me a perfect view of what she was doing. I was thoroughly enjoying watching her work while on the phone. I had forgotten, however, that I had left a pair of my underwear in the washroom on the floor. I had come back after dinner a little late the night before and had slept in them during the night. When I took my shower that morning I simply got undressed and left my briefs on the floor in the washroom. This lovely lady picked them up and put them on the counter while she collected the towels and replaced them with clean towels from her cart.

As I watched her she then did something completely unexpected and incredibly sexy. She picked up my underwear, slowly raised them to her face and buried her nose and mouth in the crotch, where she kept them for a good 60 seconds or so. I was on the phone and watching her in the mirror and my mouth slowly turned into a huge grin as I thought about the pleasure she must be getting from the musky smell of my briefs!

It was about then that my conference call ended and she exited the washroom with my underwear in her hand. Looking directly into my eyes she asked, "What would you like me to do with these sir?"

Without hesitation I replied, "I would like for you to return the crotch to your nose and tell me what you smell."

Rather than look embarrassed she put that beautiful smile back on her face and slowly put the underwear back up to her nose, inhaling deeply. I was dumfounded by her actions and, especially by her lack of any embarrassment for getting caught, so when she was done I told her with a firm voice to walk closer to me as I sat upright in my desk chair. She didn't hesitate and she didn't take the underwear away from her face as she walked directly over to where I was sitting.

"Put my underwear on the desk and remover your panties please." I ordered, wondering how far she wanted to take this.

To my delight she did exactly as I asked, never taking her eyes away from mine as she reached under her skirt and slowly removed her cotton panties one leg at a time. She then reached out and spread the crotch of the panties out in front of my face for me to see. There was a definite dark spot in the crotch of her white panties that she seamed to be thrilled to show me. I leaned forward and smelled the musky scent and she pushed the crotch of the panties into my face.

As she held the panties to my face she never wavered one bit with her intense gaze into my eyes. I leaned back, savouring the experience and quietly, but firmly said, " You are a beautiful young girl, but you need to be taught to be a little less forward my dear. Please put your panties on the desk, as I'll be keeping those."

She did exactly as she was told. "Now, please turn around with your back facing me and bend over, putting your fingers on the ground in front of you." She didn't hesitate, bending over, lifting her skirt over her hips and giving me an unobstructed view of her perfect ass. She kept her legs together so I got a nice view of her pussy lips, but her asshole was not exposed completely.

"Now please spread your legs about foot or so for me. I want a better view of your pussy and asshole." She did as she was told, giving me a perfect view. I looked down at her face looking up at me from near the floor and could tell she was now getting a little less brave. Her eyes were closed and she no longer had that smile on her face. Her expression was a cross between nervousness and pleasure and I could tell she was loving being fully exposed, but was not happy that she was loving it so much.

I very softly rubbed one finger directly up from her clitoris, across the folds of her protruding lips and to her perfect little asshole where I began tracing very soft circles, not quite getting to the opening of her ass, but just teasing her around the outside of her anus. I continued this soft tickling for a few minutes until her squirming told me that she needed more. At that point I leaned forward in my chair and very softly licked and kissed her anus, making her as wet as I could with my mouth. She tasted clean, but with a muskiness about her that was, no doubt, due to the fact that she had been working all morning cleaning rooms. I LOVED IT.

When I got her completely wet I leaned back and slowly inserted one finger into her asshole. It went in with difficulty, as she was extremely tight, but I was careful to be as gentle as possible so as not to hurt her. I kept my finger in her ass for a number of minutes, slowly pulling it out and reinserting it while she got used to the feeling. I then leaned forward again, replacing my finger with my tongue. Within a couple of minutes she moaned and squeaked while she had an incredible orgasm, her juices flowing out of her pussy and slowly dripping down her legs. I had not even touched her pussy or clitoris.

She tried to stand up at that point, but I told her firmly to stay in her present position. She obediently bent back over and I watched for the next few minutes as her pussy and asshole contracted while her pleasure subsided. When I could tell that her legs were tired and she needed to stand up, I asked her to stand up and turn around to face me. Her face looked beautiful, with a tired satisfied look and, again, that beautiful smile. She now again made eye contact with me and I could tell by the fact that her eyes were red and wet that she had been quietly crying while she orgasmed.

"Did you like that Doll?" I asked.

"Yes, very much." was her quiet reply

"Please open my pants and remove my cock for me", I ordered in a firm but quiet tone.

She didn't hesitate, unzipping my pants and pulling them down to the floor.

"I would like you now to take my cock into your mouth and make me hard. I then want you to make me cum, using only your mouth, and when I do I would like you to receive my gift in your mouth." My instructions were clear and firm, but gentle.

I received the most satisfying release from this young girl. Her mouth was soft and gentle and she was able to take my entire length until I came into her mouth. She accepted it all.

When she was finished she kissed me softly on the lips and said "Thank you sir." before getting up and walking slowly out of my room.

I didn't see this perfect young lady again, as I left for home the next day, but I often think of her and the experience we shared that day.