Written by anyholewilldo

25 Aug 2009

Hubby Paul and me go camping a lot, 2 or 3 times a year, not only do we go to places we think we would like, but we check web sites such as SH to find the best dogging sites. We have just got back from Robin Hood Country) Nottinghamshire, and whilst there we went to a great dogging site called xxxx Woods.

We have been to dogging sites all over England, Surrey, Dorset, Devon, Yorkshire, our home town Luton and many more, but this was the best we ever been to, we got talking to one guy before the action started, after he realised we were not local, he said couples come for miles Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham plus the local towns now you 2 from Luton.

I don't no how many people were there that Friday night but there were over 20 couples and even more singles, and there even several single women. In all the dogging sites we been to, I can only remember 1 women to come on her own. We knew this was going to be one hell of a night.

Paul my hubby just likes to see me fucked, and I just like to be fucked, and I like it rough the rougher to better in fact I like to be almost rape. Paul always starts me off, and then I pretend I don't want to get involved with other men and I tease and tease.

This Friday at Blidworth was no different, Paul fingered me licked me and then fucked me, by which time we had an audience I played with these blokes pricks, then said no, then I started again, I got several blokes aroused and again just stopped. This went on for about a hour more and more blokes were getting frustrated they could see my wet cunt but could not get to it.

Then this women come over to the car, told me to open the door or she would drag me though window, I said I love a women with spirit, I opened the door slowly and she dragged me into the trees, she pushed me to my knees with my arse in the air, come on who's first. The first bloke was so excited he rammed his prick straight up my arse, no lube, just straight up, it hurt a bit but I have many a anal before. he chucked his load up me. With the women still holding me down she said you will get up when they have had enough of you and in meantime you will lick me out after you husband as filled me up.

I don't know how many men I had that night but it was real gang bang and very rough, I had my arse filled at least 6 times and my cunt went into double figures and I did few blow jobs too. Paul got to fuck 2 women and he was little sore around his arse but he has not talked about that yet, I don't know why because he's been fucked before up the arse, and more than once.

I would like to thank all our new friends at Woods on a night in August 09 it will live with us for ever.

This dogging site is highly recommended.