Written by petewest00

25 Feb 2015

The local Rugby club we go along to, to watch matches and attend events had the previous year been to France to play against a couple of French teams and been put up by the French players and families. It was now time for the French team it was arranged with to come over to stay here and play a couple of matches so they were looking for some people to offer to put the players and families up for a few days while they were here.

We were asked and we said ok we could put up 2 as we had two bedrooms empty, so as the time approached we met at the club to pick up our visitors to find we had been given two of the players to look after. We took them home, Sara gave them her customary welcome kiss settled them in their rooms their English was better then my school boy French luckily as we chatted in front of the TV.

The 2 guys were about the same age as my wife Sara early 20,s and I noticed them looking at Sara at every opportunity as she had put on a mini skirt with a clingy t shirt showing off her round boobs and great legs. The guys Rob and Frank were both over 6' tall and both very muscly , smiley and very black also polite, as time was going on they said they were off to bed as they had had a long day , Sara went off to make sure they had towels etc, with them.

When she came back her face looked flushed, I asked her if she was ok, she said yes , then admitted to me she went into Rob's room and as she went to kiss him good night, he pulled her to him and they had a probing kiss and Sara said she could feel his cock hard pressing against her. Then she went to Frank's room knocked on the door as he told her to come in she went in to see Frank sat up in bed, she looked at his black chest and him smiling back at her before looking down to see he was naked and his black cock was laying against his muscly thigh.

Sara went to leave but he called her back asking her why she had wanted to see him, Sara said just to make sure you are ok for everything and kiss him good night, he held out his hand, Sara took it as he pulled her down to sit on the bed. Frank asked her for his good night kiss pulling her against his chest she went to put her hand out to steady herself on the bed to find she had put it on Frank's cock instead.

As she enjoyed the kiss she felt his cock twitch under her hand and Frank groaned she asked if he was ok as he told her it had been awhile since he had a woman touch him there and would she relieve him, she felt sorry for him and began to rub his cock, Sara told me it just grew till it was all of 10"+ and very thick not being able to meet finger and thumb around it. I asked her what she did she said well it seemed rude not to make him cum and rubbed him, licking his cock to lubricate it till he exploded over his chest, stomach and Sara's hand, as he watched her lick her finger's clean he said thank you to her as she left him there smiling at her.

I looked at Sara as she bent over to take my cock in her mouth, while I pulled her top off her to rub her boobs, we both stripped getting carried away and I ended up with Sara riding my cock as I sucked on her boobs an nipples. We had both cum together an lay there, when I looked up I saw Rob stood in the door way watching us asking if it was ok if he got his drink off the table, we said yes of course.

As he left after taking another look at Sara's naked body, Sara and I both began laughing, I said to Sara think you have a admirer there by the bulge in his shorts she giggled said yes wasn't it big as we went off to bed . The next day at breakfast we chatted and I asked if they had been to the UK before and seen the coast at all they both said no and I said I could probably get hold of a mates tent and camp down on one of the coast's camp sites if they didn't mind roughing it for a couple of nights.

They thought it was a good idea as I suggested doing part of the coastal walk, stopping off for a drink at the pubs on the way, I borrowed the tent loaded up our car we all squeezed in and were soon pulling into the site picking a quiet spot in the corner of the field. We got the tent up eventually it was a 4 berth just one big bedroom with a roll up dividing curtain between us with our 3 sleeping bags a double and 2 singles.

We went off to find some where to eat and drink came back that evening sat around chatting the weather was lovely we were all in t-shirts and shorts, when Rob announced to us he had left his hay fever tablets (he gave me the brand name of them) at our house. I hadn't been drinking and offered to go get them for him before we went to bed as it wasn't much of a drive about 1 1/2 hours round trip.

I left the 3 of them chatting after getting about 10 minutes down the road I saw a late night chemist still open, pulled in and managed to buy the hay fever tablets Rob wanted so I turned round made my way back parked up in the car park not to make to much noise rather than parking outside the tent. The light had gone now and most of the tents were lit up by gas lights.

I made my way across the field to our tent to see a guy sat a few feet away I asked him if he was ok, he said yes , cant sleep so thought I would have a walk but stopped here to watch the entertainment. I asked him what he meant as he pointed at our tent , I immediately saw what he meant the tent was lit up by our gas lamps leaving the figures inside lit up in silhouette's as I told him I was also out for a walk as I couldn't sleep either .

I sat down asked how long he had been there he said about 5-10 minutes he said the woman in there is pretty hot she was naked before she went in there with 2 big black guys he said she has just been sucking them off in turn, as he added both big lads if you know what I mean an winked. We both sat watching the goings on as I saw Sara now down on all4's with Rob getting down on his knees behind Sara holding his cock out ready to fill Sara from behind as Frank was knelt in front of her, we could hear them talking in the still air of the night.

I suddenly thought of something and told the guy to follow me for a better view we crept around to the other side of the tent, I told him there is another doorway we could roll up to see inside I quietly unzipped it helped by the noises inside the tent tied the door up in place and stood peering thru the mesh window in the bedroom of the tent, with the guy next to me doing the same.

We watched as Rob and Frank had Sara knelt on top of all the sleeping bags chatting away in French occasionally going in to English so Sara could hear, I now saw for myself what Sara meant about the size of Frank's cock and Rob's was of similar size as she was groaning between them as they filled her pussy and mouth before changing positions . They were rocking Sara back an forwards between them but could see Rob was near to coming , Sara seemed to have one cum after the other , then Rob held Sara tight to his body as he filled her with his cum as he pulled out his cock wet an dripping with juice Frank moved behind Sara to slide his big dick inside my sexy wife.

Rob moved so Sara could lick his cock clean, as Frank was fucking my wife with the intent to add to Rob's load he had just shot inside her, I was amazed at Sara's fragile body between these two huge men using her, it was only a couple more minutes till Frank cried out Sara's name as he too filled her with his cum.

Sara collapsed to the floor looking exhausted and well fucked, her pussy seeping the creamy deposit they had made inside her, I and the other guy made our way outside the tent as I carefully put the door back down as I heard Sara say she better go wash before I get back asking if one of them would go with her to the shower room.

As the 3 of them walked off , the other guy and I walked off round the site with him telling me how horny that had been to watch and how did I know about the other door, I told him my tent was the same model which he accepted. He was saying how fit the woman, was her great body, the size of the Men's dick's before we went our separate ways. I gave it 15 minutes before going back to the tent to see the lights off and Sara tucked up in our sleeping bag. That was the story of our first night on the camp site hope you enjoy, Pete