Written by Cuminchelle

20 Jan 2016

We spent a week over xmas in Izmir on a cheap last minute holiday. Michelle was looking forward to spending some time with younger Turkish guys and I was looking forward to watching her pussy get filled with cock and cum.

On our first full day there after arriving late the previous night we spent the later afternoon walking the bars on the sea front with Michelle in a short denim skirt, no knickers and a low cut top with the 44" D's on show with a bra that enhanced her cleavage to the best effect. Her effect on the younger Turkish guys as the afternoon turned into evening as we got more drunk was fabulous as she kept bending over and flashing her upper thighs.

We noticed as we walked from bar to bar that there were a couple of guys that had followed us and I mentioned this to Michelle and as I was stood at the bar waiting to order drinks she said she was going to go to the loo to see if they followed. I suggested she drop her bag on the floor before she left to give them an eyeful of her pussy lips to let them know she was available. She dropped her handbag and slowly bent over lower than she had done all night and I looked over at the lads as she bent right down and they both nudged each other and looked at me I just smiled and turned to look at my wife's pussy lips. There were other guys looking and I said to her to stand up and walk to the loo as the guys had looked and I told her I had smiled acknowledging that I knew they were looking and that I hoped they understood I was fine with it.

Michelle walked to the loo and as she went the guys also moved towards the toilets. She was gone about ten minutes and when she returned she smiled and kissed me and asked me to find a quieter part of the bar. As I walked to the far side of the bar the lads came back into the bar from the toilets and walked to where we were headed and as I sat down they sat down at the table opposite us. I sat next to Michelle and we were both looking at the guys. She said to me to put my hand between her legs and she opened her legs and as I pushed my fingers in her pussy I could feel she was very wet. I kissed her and pushed a couple of fingers inside her and she squirmed against my fingers.

I asked her what happened and she told me the guys had followed her and as she was about to go into the ladies they stopped her and asked if she was having a good time she told them she was and they asked if she would drop her bag again, which she said no problem and duly dropped her bag, bent over and also opened her legs. One of the lads put his hand on her arse and she wiggled it and he took this a sign to rub her pussy and clit, his mate also pushed a couple of fingers inside her and began to finger fuck her pussy. They were doing this for a short time and Michelle stood up as another guy walked out of the gents and she moved quickly and the guys stopped and she walked towards the ladies. She went in the cubicle and frigged her clit a bit had a piss then came out. The lads were not there and she presumed they had gone in the gents.

I asked her to open her legs and flash the lads again, as she did I went over and asked if they fancied going for a walk. They did and I went back to Michelle and said we were going for a walk.

We left and walked towards a seating area that was like an old bandstand and we walked in front with the lads behind us. I asked Michelle if she wanted to fuck the lads, which she was very keen to do.

It was a little surreal as the lads did not talk to us but patiently followed behind and we got to the seating area which was deserted and I turned and introduced me and Michelle to them and they told us their names. Their English was quite good and I said I would like to watch them fuck my wife. Michelle told them she wanted them to fuck her and she lifted her short denim skirt bent over and opened her pussy lips, as she did Salih bent down and began to lick her pussy from behind. She as very wet now and Salih was making slurping sounds as her pussy leaked juice into his mouth. I watched as Emrah dropped his pants and pulled his boxer shorts to one side and took out his young, virile and very hard prick. It looked a decent size possibly a little fatter than mine and he nudged his mate out of the way and began to rub his enlarged helmet against my wife's open and very wet pussy lips. He pushed inside and Michelle leant against the seat as she bent over and Emrah pumped his young hard cock deep into my wife's pussy. She gasped and told him to fuck her cunt hard. He obliged and shoved up her harder and harder. Penetrating her pussy deep with his cock.

As Emrah fucked his cock up my wife Salih offered his cock to her mouth and she hungrily accepted it sucking him deep into her throat. Unfortunately Salih groaned loudly and emptied his youthful hard prick into Michelle's throat. She sucked his spunk from his young cock and he kept pumping up her and she kept sucking him. She put her other hand underneath her and started to finger her own clit. Salih took his cock from her mouth and a filmy drizzle of cum dripped from Michelle's mouth onto Salihs cock and then dripped on her chin and lips.

Emrah was now fucking his cock up Michelle hard and Michelle began to groan she was going to cum. She fingered her pussy as Emrah jerked his prick and began to shoot his spunk up her pussy Michelle rubbed at her clit and she began to shout she was cumming on his young Turkish prick. I watched as Emrah shot his spunk up her and she came against his prick. He convulsed a couple more times jerked his cock up her and shoved himself inside her for the last time holding his spunking cock up her cunt.

He withdrew and his sperm ran out of Michelle's pussy and dripped off her lips I quickly shoved my rock hard cock up her and banged her pussy hard. She was dripping wet with spunk and my cock was covered in Turkish sperm and I fucked my cock into her and shot my spunk quickly up her adding it to Emrahs.

I pulled out my prick and moved to Michelle's mouth offering her my prick and she sucked it into her mouth cleaning my and Emrahs sperm off it .

She sucked it deep and pulled back my foreskin and cleaned all the semen off it. She opened her mouth and showed me the sperm and I could not resist kissing her dirty spunk filled mouth which tasted salty and we swapped the juices. I fingered her wet and well fucked cunt with my fingers a little more and Michelle told me to keep fucking her cunt between our wet spunk filled kisses so I fucked four fingers up her sopping cunt as we stood up and I fingered her cunt hard and she began to tremble as another orgasm began to rip thru her body.

As she came this time she squirted against my hand and shot her girly jets onto my fingers as I fucked her pussy.

The two lads were watching as Michelle came down off her orgasm, she went to kiss them but they drew back and did not want this. They thanked her and said they were going and asked if we might be back the next night. We told them we were here for the week and if we saw each other we might repeat our encounter.

This was the first full day of our eventful week and we had some fabulous encounters, particularly at a Turkish baths later in the week where Michelle added fucking an older Turkish guy who was massaging her with a massive cock that really stretched her pussy and also fucked her deeper than she had been fucked before..