13 May 2016

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As arranged rima was naked when we got there so we could get straight into it. There was a sofa by the front door, after rima opened the door she went and sat down on the sofa and opened her legs , I dived straight in there and licked her pussy, as usual it tasted great. I was down there for a while, in the mean time Salima undressed and sat beside Rima. I got out of Rimas legs and straight into Salimas and started licking. As I did this Rima stood up on the sofa and placed her pussy right in front of Salimas face to which Salima started licking and fingering away, the view was perfect!! It wasn't long before Salima came on my face and rima on Salimas!!

So after that I undressed and we all went up stairs to carry on the fuckfest. I didn't waste any time and stuck my cock straight into Rimas pussy and started pounding away whilst Salima watched on. I stopped and asked rima to ride me so Salima could sit on my face. I was loving every second of these two shaven moist pussies riding my face and cock, surely life doesn't get any better than this. I was very surprised to last as long as I did but could wait any longer and shot my load deep into rima. Salima came soon after me. As Rima got off my cock Salima sucked my cock dry then licked Rimas pussy of my'n and hers juices. We all lay there for a while until Rima said she had to go and have a shower and go to meet a friend, as she was in the shower I got my second wind and started fucking Salima hard and fast up her arse, I only lasted a couple of minutes but boy it was a bit orgasm.