Written by youngkensington

19 Sep 2013

It was a lovely hot day yesterday and as i was alone i thought i would head to the beach. The beach is called Estrenc on the island of Mallorca, a long sandy beach stretching over three miles which backs onto sand dunes. The two ends of the beach are more family based, with the central area reserved for gays and another section for couples.

I sat on the sand in my shorts for a while then decided to go for a wander in the dunes. Once away form the beach i took off my shorts and walked naked through the dunes. This isnt so unusual as its essentially a nudist beach but not having done this before i felt heady and quite liberated. As i wandereed along the sandy pathways i saw several other guys standing on high vantage points, seemingly looking for action. Then a couple walked past, she was topless and he wore shorts, holding hands and looking around them as if checking to see if anyone was following. The watchers soon took up position behind them, following them at a distance trying not to be seen, and i joined in.

After a while I lost sight of them and I took another route through the maze of sandy pathways, then suddenly stumbled upon the same couple standing behind some bushes on a sandy hillock. Now she was naked and blindfolded, he was still wearing shorts and she was kissing him on the chest. He was facing me and whispering instructions in her ear, using her hands to hold apart the cheeks of her bum as she leant forward to kiss him on the stomach. He coud see me and two other guys who were standing within 5 metres of them, slowly wanking their cocks. I felt slightly inhibited but i had a huge erection as i found the scene very erotic, and after a while i dropped my hands hiding my erection and stood naked in the sun, with a huge hardon just watching.

The couple were clearly aroused and he turned her around so she was facing us with her back to him, and he started to feel her tanned brown boobs and squeeze her nipples, always whisering in her ear in German. He moved his hands down to her pussy and started to finger her gently, then slapped her pussy with the flat of his hand, gently at first then quite hard. She wasnt resisiting at all and her breathing started to quicken. The other two watchers were wanking slowly and i could feel the pre-come on my cock as the tension beagn to mount. The man then started to finger her hard, thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy, the squleching sounds carrying accross the short distance to where i was standing and her juices started to spray over the dry sand. She started to call out, goaning with pleasure as he shoved his fingers hard into her pussy again and again until she cried out and jerked her hips as she orgasmed, her body out of control.

Once she had calmed down the guy gently removed her blindfold and she opened her eyes, looking at us three all with huge erections, watching her, naked in the hot sun. She was a beautiful middle-aged woman with blond hair and a lovely smile and as she looked at us she was both shy and flirtatious, but obviously very close to her man. It was a great sight as they held hands and walked away down to the beach.

Much as i has enjoyed the show it left me feeling horny and frustrated and i decided to keep walking through the dunes. I decided that i needed to come before returning to the beach and i half ran down the sandy dunes twards a clump of bushes where i started to wank. My cock was soaking with pre-come and i wiped some of it off on my stomach. I should say that i am slim, quite fit and i have a decent body, although i am quite slight in stature i have a good size cock and a small bum. As i stood wanking i heard some commotion behind me and to my dismay a big naked bloke walked into the clearing, clearly looking at my hand working away on my cock. He slowly walked up to me and although i wanted to stop i couldnt seem to do it and i carried on feeling myself. He took my hand away from the cock and replaced it with his large hands, slippery with the come on my dick. This felt very odd as i consider myself very straight, other than a brief encounter at school years ago.

As he was doing this two other male watchers burst into the clearing, obvuiously having seen some commotion. Again i thought about running away but for some reason i didnt and i realised that i was enjoying letting this large fair haired German man slide his hands over my cock and touch my bum while two other guys watched, their hard cocks in their hands. I realised that now i was the subject of their gaze and this gave me a strange feeling of excitment.

The German took my hand and put it onto his cock. It felt very strange feeling another mans dick but without thinking i started to wank him, his cock much bigger than mine, but hairless, and circumcised. The next weird feeling was when i felt another hand on my bum and another around my balls. The two watchers had become players and were now openly groping me, gently but with strong hands, one finger near my arsehole, another hand on my chest. I felt quite slutty, thinking that this was all wrong but there was no way i was leaving, it was one of the most erotic feeling i have encountered. Soon the pace increased, with my nippled being squeezed, my arse being grabbed very hard and my cock being wanked. The german pushed me down onto the sand and pushed his cock against my lips. As i write this i cant beleive that i opened my mouth and started to give him a blow job. His quickly ccame and i just managed to get his cock out in time as he spurted all over my face. The othe guys were now wanking hard pushing their cocks against my face and their come soon shot over me as well. The German wasnt done though and he sat in the sand, wanking me until i came in huge spasms, shooting come all over the sand, almost delirious with desire.

The guys quicklt left, shuffling through the bushes and i tidied myself up as best i could, slipping my trunks back on and i dived dinto the sea, removing all traces of my strange encounter - but the memories linger on. I have no doubt that i much prefer the gentle and beautiful form of a female body and i feel a bit guilty about my experience. But i will always rememeber it as a very erotic encounter.