17 Jan 2018

I was between girlfriends and needed to relax. The place I decided to go was the Relaxation Centre, a spa in Clifton.

Walking in was a mix of the usual nerves and excitement. It was a relaxation place not sex club, but I had found excitement there is the past.

Sunday afternoons were usually quiet, and this was about usual. Just a few people about, a few in side and hardly anyone outside. I got changed and went to the barrel sauna outside. I settled in laying along the right hand bench and just let the heat pour over my body. I was horny and did allow myself to daydream a little; I knew that I could play with myself out here as it was really quiet and if necessary I could always pull my towel around me to cover my erection if necessary. So I held my cock and thought of old girlfriends… I got relatively hard and I knew that if I saw any shadows outside I could cover up if someone else came towards the sauna. I heard them first though, a couple chatting as they walked from inside and came across to the plunge pool; obviously putting a foot in to test it and finding it cold - well it was January!

I decided to be polite and as they opened the door I slid up right and covered my hard cock. They said hello and settled in side by side on the other side bench. I asked if they had tried the plunge and they said yes and how bloody cold it was. They were about my age and a little over weight, but still attractive. They both had taken off their towels and laid them down to sit on, both were shaved sat close and looked like they like being naked - always a good sign! I said that I was going to try out the plunge pool as I was too hot, I deliberately got up still with my cock half hard, leaving my towel so they would see.. and walked across to the plunge pool and slid in relatively quietly… then pretty quickly got out again, it was cold…and my cock was now very small but meant that I was cold enough to spend more time in the sauna.

When I sat back down we had a chuckle about how cold it was, but also how invigorating it was too. By now they had relaxed a little bit more with the heat and were draped over each other each resting a hand on the others thigh. We started talking about where else we had been and that there wasn’t many places like this that you could relax and be naked. I said that I enjoyed taking my clothes off and feeling free, they agreed saying that it seemed like we were on our own this afternoon and they liked the fact they weren’t being overlooked and it was really quite private outside.

Her legs were slightly apart, so I did the same and leaned back against the side of the barrel, enjoying the hot air on me, he saw this and pulled her thigh a little and her legs opened further. I smiled and said that the heat was wonderful and that I loved it, that it was like being on the beach, they agreed saying the beach can be fun. My cock was starting to get hard, I could see her mound and shaven lips, she asked which beach I went to, I said Studland. She smiled and said that they had several trips to Studland over the summer and have enjoyed sunbathing and people watching. He asked if I got up to anything else there, I said that I was an exhibitionist and did like seeing couples and being seen by them. I looked down at my now very hard cock, standing up between my open legs, which incidentally were opposite her open legs equally slowing herself off.

What have you got up to I asked? She said that they would tease and show off, I said she looked delicious and I would definitely be well teased! All through our little exhibitionism he had been looking out to make sure now one was going to interrupt and thankfully it was still quiet outside. He asked if I thought she was delicious would I like to taste?

I didn’t reply, just lowered myself from the bench onto the floor and moved my head between her legs and kissed her wonderful lips. She smelt clean and as I pushed my tongue between her labia tasted her, forming an upward stroke to her clit and kissed her gently. I looked up at her and smiled, a cheeky grin and went down again to part her lips once more.

She said that she loved what I was doing to her and that I could suck her clit a little harder. I asked if she could slide down a little more so I could tease her more. I came up for a little air and bent forward to kiss her breasts - She thought I was going to enter her, but all I wanted was to suck in a hard nipple. I had accidentally touched her clit with the head of my cock, every time I moved a little her cit was massaged by my hard dribbling cock - for me it was exquisite and she was loving it. He said to her to take my hard cock in her mouth, so I pulled myself away and stood up for her to lovingly took my hard cock in her mouth. I love my cock standing up hard and it looked beautiful in her mouth, I pulled away a little and pulled my cock a little so that a bead of juice formed on the tip and then told her to put out her tongue so that I could squeeze the pre-cum for her to taste. I was now too hot and I couldn’t last too long and as it was so hot standing up so I said to them that I had to go for a dip in the plunge pool again to cool off, I apologised and pulled away from her and opened the sauna door to the cool air and gently slid into the cold water of the pool.

While I was in the water the couple came out of the sauna and moved across to the outdoor hot tub and got in. I was now cool enough to join them in the hot tub and climbed in opposite them.

The conversation was relaxed and chilled, we had all enjoyed the sauna and now it was relaxation time! She said that she nearly came with me licking her and that with less chance of someone interrupting us she would have relaxed more and cum on my face and cock.

They were a delicious couple to bump into…