27 Jan 2017

Last weekend me and Denise went to Chameleons in Newport. We went smartly dressed, no need for sexy underwear, as we would be stripping off and putting towels around us.

We sat in the lounge for a while having a glass of wine, then we went for a walk. We went into the cinema room which was showing a great porn film. We sat down and started to watch the film ,Den started to rub my cock under the towel first, and then pulled it out for everyone there to see. I pulled her towel away so her tits and shaven pussy was on view. I started to rub her cunt and put fingers into her soaking fanny.

After playing for a while, we went on another walk, and went into the sauna. There was another couple there who were naked we sat opposite them and took off the towels. We got talking, and Den opened her legs to give them a view of her lips, they both said see you later we have been here for a while and we need to cool off. They just left when a fellow came in, he sat opposite us, and Den was now rubbing and wanking me. He said can I sit next to you, ok I said. So he sat the other side of Den.

She then started to rub his cock, while he was rubbing her tits, and then her fanny. Den was in heaven, sat between to naked guys rubbing both cocks. Den then knelt on the boards and started to suck me and wank the other guy. She then swapped from sucking me to sucking and licking him. I stood up, went behind her while she stood up and shoved my cock up her while she was sucking the other guy, I soon came. We left the other guy, and we said see you later.

We then wiped ourselves down, and went to the room that had a huge bed in there. We went on the bed, and the couple that were in the sauna were there. I started playing with Den, and then I saw another hand come across and rub her arse. It was the woman, she was kissing her husband, and rubbing Den, I had my fingers in Den, and the womans fingers joined mine. I got up, and put my cock in Dens mouth, the woman also joined in licking my cock. The womans husband then said shall we swap, ok, I said. I rolled on top of her, and started kissing her lips and tits. I then shoved my cock into her and started fucking her. The guy then started to fuck Den, and we were lying next to each other fucking each others wives.

We both came, and after leaving the room, we decided we would like to meet up in our house. So it was agreed, that next week we will have drinks out, then come back to our place for same room fun. We all decided that the girls would wear sexy underwear to go out first, and then each wife will show what they are wearing when they get to our place. They will also bring some toys with them, so we can all share. We can,t wait. Will let all you readers know what happened.