Written by Seafarer

17 Feb 2015

Last weekend my wife and I (me 65, wife 56 and a very nice size 12 with lovely legs and heavenly breasts) had booked a hotel in Scarborough as we were attending a show and had not had a break of any kind for almost a year.

My lovely Liz was a bit fed up with herself due to having gained a little weight over the Christmas period, I made light of it and remarked that I found her ten stone perfect for her 5' 6" frame. I kept reminding her I loved her that way and she certainly nudged my cock in the right direction with her figure looking lovely to me. She came round slowly with continued whispers and cuddles given in support of her the way she looked. I told her she was very special to me and that if she wanted a bit of fun with someone else then our room was hers to use.

The night before we left I made love to her and repeated the offer. She started off saying she felt unattractive. I reminded her of how much I love her and that the next night would prove that by letting her test the waters in the bar or another nearby.

The next day I worked until late morning then took my leave and returned home, preparing the car and packing the suitcase for our journey. Liz arrived an hour later and was smiling happily as we set off. The journey was only two hours and we went straight to the hotel, arriving mid afternoon. Great suite, sea view and complementary champagne, very nice. We last and looked out to sea, satisfied and looking forward to the show. She took a long bath while I watched sport on the box, returning in a white towelling dressing gown and looking lovely. She then asked if I was serious about her being given permission to be naughty. My grin told her everything, I was ecstatic that the opportunity appeared to be accepted. I said that I was fine with it as ever (we had played for many years off and on).

She opened the case and produced a couple of bags with new clothes in them. The first was some new underwear, stockings suspenders, bra and thong, all beautifully finished and classy looking. The second bag contained a new skirt, normal length but with a zip running from hem to hip giving free range of where it might open to, most tantalising and intriguingly naughty. My goggle eyes made her grin as she asked my opinion. 'Bloody fantastic' was all I said, understatement or what, I could hardly wait to see her in the lot, knowing that she would look demure for the show but those thighs, the stocking tops, the suspender belt, dynamite with a short fuse, absolutely bloody fantastic.

Pre show dinner had my cock stiff and me drooling. I tell you, when she had that gear on she almost did not leave the building unfucked, but as a lover of tension, tease and pure sexual undertones being brought slowly to the boil and then allowed to simmer gently with eye contact, rude and suggestive verbal inuendo and knowing looks with the promise of how things might turn out, I did not need entertaining any other way.

The show was good but I could hardly wait for it to finish, which it did around ten fifteen. Liz looked at me as we stood in the bar nearby and watched folks leaving. I was looking around to see if there were any likely individuals but nobody pushed the buttons. Slightly peeved, I led her to the next bar which was ridiculously loud and aggressive, we did not even take a drink, but sought out a better prospect, a hotel fifty yards from ours. It was promising, plenty of people around and room to mix and for me to be invisible. We had agreed a few well used signals and our mobiles were fully charged, so I left her to go to the bar and get her own drink,.I wandered round to the toilets and waited five minutes before returning. She was standing the bar but was clocking three guys sitting not too far away at a table. One of them spoke, offering a place to sit at their table, which she accepted, then a conversation started which seemed to trigger all three guys to start flirting. I immediately thought this would not happen, two guys perhaps, but three was something we had rarely encountered except when we were young a daft.

I noticed she was laughing a lot and also talking a lot too, a sure sign that the right vibes were beginning. Half an hour had passed and she disappeared to the loo while fresh drinks were forthcoming from her friends along with some quiet talk and guttural laughs, no doubt with sexual overtones aimed at my lovely Liz. I saw her return, she saw me and ignored me, sitting back down. My eyes went to her skirt and sure enough the zip was six inches further up than when she left the room. It had not gone unnoticed by the group of guys, the bravest of which kept asking something I could not hear but assume it was connected with the question of tights or stockings. She looked around and then said something. The guys looked around and then on of them stood up and stood close to her, shielding her from anyone else in the bar from being able to see her. I could not see either but from the way their table was unduly silent, I guessed she had let them see her stocking tops and probably the strap of her suspenders.

It was now after eleven and the room was thinning out, I flt a little exposed as the only solo drinker in the bar and went to the toilet to assess things without being obvious. No problem, when I got back in the room, I saw them all walking out of the main door and turning to the hotel we were in, Liz between two of them and the third guy waving them away and getting into a taxi.

By hell now I was feeling hot, feverish, my heart pounding and breathing excited, short gasps, heavy pants, mind spinning, was all this actually happening? They went in the main entrance of our hotel and into the bar. Liz went to the toilet again. I heard my mobile buzz and went outside to answer it. It was Liz asking if I was ok. I said yes and asked what the score was. She laughed and said it looked like she was having company and she had been invited to their room for a nightcap. I replied saying I would rather she got herself fucked instead of just drinking and she told me that she thought it was a pretty good bet, then she said she would see me later and that they were on our floor and that she would get the spare key from reception.

From there, I watched as she collected our spare key and then was escorted between both guys to the lift and out of sight for the next three hours.

Her story was related when she got back to our room to relieve my aching cock. This was what happened..... In the other hotel she had indeed allowed her stocking tops to be revealed to the guys who were rather shocked but very pleased, from then on the talk was about getting naked and having a better look at the stockings and a lot more of her body, the men were all late forties and in Scarborough for a delegates conference, stopping in hotels around the town. The one who left had his wife with him and was totally pissed off at missing the ensuing fun. Once in their room, the single beds were pushed together and some music put on. It was radio only bhut the fun began when her skirt zip was pulled right to the top and unclipped. It fell off and she was between both guys snogging them and finding two pairs of very adventurous hands wandering around her body, loosening her top and removing it, then getting her bra to release her gorgeous breasts, full and soft, the hard nipples aroused and her thong wet in anticipation of what the guys had to offer.

They laid her on the bed and she surrendered her thong willingly showing her slim strip of pubic hair and a quite beautiful shaved cunt ready for their cocks. She knew both guys were married and she told them it would be bareback fun for them. They quickly stripped most unromantically and she saw the prizes, a pair of average but very excited cocks leaking some pre cum and twitching wildly. Two naked guys and my wife stripped down to stockings and suspenders, if only I could have witnessed it but I was to see the evidence some time later when her reddened, swollen pussy returned spilling its load of spunk ungraciously onto our sheets.

They lay each side of her and played with her body, alternately fingering her wet cunt and then sucking her breasts or licking her swollen lips, running their cocks across her body, over her face and accepting her lips as she sucked and licked their shafts and balls. Eventually the play turned to fucking and she sucked one while the other fucked her. They shot their loads quite quickly and then rested for a while,talking and stroking each other. Eventually she was pushed down onto one cock which she sucked while the other guy licked her bum, trying to gain entry. She said he could play there, but no cock was getting in, she wanted fucking by them both again and wanted their cum and she was willing to do anything but anal to satisfy them. For the next half hour they played together again, getting more and more worked up until she was bent over a sofa in the room and entered doggy style while she leaned over the sofa sucking the other. They swapped a couple of times and then they took her to orgasm and she felt hher third, then fourth load of the night. Both guys lay back knackered and one of them began snoring. Liz gathered her clothes and slipped just her top over her shoulders and said she would wave to them at breakfast then quickly left the room and brought her streaming cunt back to me. Needless to say sloppy seconds brought me off and her story had me hard again quicker than viagra. Alas I could not repeat as quickly as I used to but managed again before breakfast, where she did go to their table and wish them all the best. They were astounded to see her sit down with me, keeping me a secret until the end, great girl.

She has her usual smile back on her face, must have been the ocean air