Written by luv

6 Sep 2015

I'm very lucky my wife likes the same things that I do when it comes to sex. We find sex in the bedroom completely boring, we love to bring each other off in public places, parks and still in the car.

The cinema is her favorite she loves being groped in her clothes, the thought of someone watching her being fingered sitting near us with her skirt up and legs apart brings her off quickly. I've asked her if she would like to be groped by someone else while I watched, yes but only wanking.

Out of the blue she got a letter inviting us to a school reunion, it also read come in uniform. She went off shopping on her return she had got all she wanted. Put it on, no only on the night, Saturday came and I waited for my first viewing, she came downstairs , what do y ou think. Wow , she had a white blouse and tie on I could just see a white lacy bra, her skirt was a navy pleated knee length and just a hint of a white petticoat. She lifted her skirt to show me a nice pair of white knickers, all this topped off with white knee length socks. I think I could come seeing you like that, a couple of boys did, I wanted to touch her but she pushed me back, let's go, she put a long coat on and we set off.

In the car I asked her about the comment about the boys, is that true, yes I'll show you where we went later, I put my hand on her leg again she pushed me away, your nearly coming now. We arrived and the hall was busy,she left her coat at the desk I looked around, so many lovely looking women dressed as schoolgirls. Some like my wife ,other's like St Trinians.

We went to a table with the year you left, she recognized some of them and started chatting, I new nobody but got talking to a couple of husbands. After a few drinks the guy I was speaking to commented on the women, known what you mean, can't wait to get home or in the car.I saw her have a few dances with the same guy they seemed very chatty, his hands were on her skirt . She then left but was back in a few minutes, did you find the toilets after all these years. I went to the back of the building where I used to go to see if it had changed, why? the guy I was dancing with was my boyfriend in those days. He asked me for a song for old times same, it's your dream to watch shall I say yes, where's his wife he's on his own. He thinks I am as well he didn't see us come in. Ok she explained where I should go, we'll have one more dance to give you time to get settled, one thing you cannot come while watching. I want you in the car on our way home, I agreed and left.

It seemed for ever until I heard footsteps. They got straight down to snogging he had his hand on her bum and was pulling her skirt up, I could see her petticoat and then her knickers his hands were down the back and easing them down. She moved him round so I could see more, her knickers were around her thighs and and his fingers were working away, she was wanking him. The sight of my wife in the uniform was indescribable, by the sound I knew she was coming and she did. She was still wanking but knew he was close, she aimed it at her knickers and he shot inside them. I heard her say they should go back, I waited and went back in She was still talking to her friends, I thought they didn't know her knickers were full of come. We nodded at each other and left.

In the car she opened her coat pulled her skirt up and knickers down to her knees, can you see his come, I reached over and felt them .I started to undo my flies, we need to park I want you to fuck me through these wet knickers. We stopped she said she had given him her mobile number, he wants to see me again, I leaned over and pushed her skirt up. The next chapter is exciting if you are interested write a comment.