Written by Jenna

8 May 2008

Hi, my name is Jenna, i am 20 yrs old, am 5ft 5 tall, shoulder length dark hair and am a size 12 with 34c boobs.

I found this website whilst using my mum and dads computer when my laptop was broken...they obviously use the site and dont know how to delete history !

I love reading the sexy stories, and it always makes me hot. I\'m also very intrigued as to what mum and dad get up too and i know that mum looks at the site cause dad works away during the week and i can see that mum has been using it.

Mum has always been a floozie-and so am i, and she has had two affairs that i know of, so just how many she\'s had in total i dont know.

Well, the other night i sould have been staying over with my mate but there had been a big argument at theirs so i came home instead. I\'d left my keys at my mates and so i went round the back of the house as the french doors are usually open til we go to bed.

As i approached the slightly open doors i heard mum panting and begging someone to fuck her harder - strange as dad was away !! I went a bit further and looked through the doors and saw mum on all fours, naked and with our boss (we both work at a little shop in the village) fucking her from the back, and his mate, who calls in the shop most days in front of her with his rather large cock in her mouth !

I moved away and froze for a minute before having another look, and they were fucking her brains out. She was screaming at them to fuck her harder and she was now on her back with our bosses cock in her mouth and his mate was screwing her.

She said she was close to coming and she begged them to fuck her hard and fill her with come, which they did. At this point i walked away, back round the front and off up the road with my mind wizzing and my pussy wet and throbbing.

About half an hour later, i phoned home and told mum i was coming home and she just said ok honey no probs. When i got in i could smell sex in the room but she had got dressed and was just sat on the sofa. I went up to bed and slid my rabbit up me and came twice before drifting off.

Next day i went to work early, mum was due in later. I wore a short skirt and skimpy top with some heels and when i arrived at work i saw my boss and he said hello as usual.

When mum didnt show up i asked him where she was and he said oh its ok she has asked for the day off as she\'s tired so i said its ok. I just turned round and said well, perhaps last night has worn her out !! He spun round and pulled me into the back and asked me what i meant-so i told him everything.

At this point his mate walked in and john the boss told him. There was some awkwardness until i said why my mum...whats wrong with me ?? They looked at me and john said are you playing around here Jenna ? i said no, and walked over and squeezed his cock...come on you two i said, or haven\'t you got the bottle ??

They locked the door and both came over to me groping my boobs, lifting my top off and unclipping my bra. John sucked and squeezed my tits and steve had his hand up my skirt and inside my knickers and then his finger up me.

I was pushed on to my knees and i got both their cocks out and sucked them and then they pushed me over an old desk and john slammed his hard cock up me and i suck off steve and then we changed round and steve fucked me while i sucked john off.

I came at the same time as steve shot his sperm up me and he pulled out and john fucked me and came up me as well. We straightened ourselves up and went back in to the shop and no-one knew what had happened.

Steve fucked me again later and then i went off to my boyfriends house full of sperm and had to wipe myself a little before he also fucked me...sliding in on two others guys come !!

Mum has no idea whats going on and neither does dad i suppose, but its great !!

Hope you all enjoyed the story

Jenna x