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Second Leg With Maureen - Valentines treat

"Repeat performance"

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After our session on that Sunday whilst Alan was at the football, Maureen had told me that she wanted another performance as we had so much fun that day.

We could only meet on the Thursday Alan would be at his work office that day and the rest of that week he was working from home.

Maureen told me to get to her place for 8am as she wanted an early start as Alan would be leaving just at 7:45am. She said that this was going to be our Valentines day treat.

Driving to Maureen's place she messaged me to say that Alan had gone and that there parking in the usual place I park. As Mo had my live location she told me she'll leave the door unlocked when I was nearby.

I park up and quickly make my way to Maureen's place going through the front door swiftly.

Maureen was standing in the hallway coming together we began kissing frantically and have started removing our clothes there and then. Maureen was only wearing a dressing gown so this came off quite easily. Maureen had helped remove my top off and had slid her started undoing my jeans. We kept kissing as she she slid her hands down the back of my underwear and before you knew it my pants were off and my rock hard cock was exposed.

Maureen told me that we were going to do something we hadn't done before. I was wandering what this was and Maureen had said she'll have something to help me.

She pulled out a blue pill which was viagra and said it was one of Alan's and it was a strongish dose. She said as they hardly have sex he wouldn't notice it would be gone. Maureen told me that I will be rock hard for her so we could have hours of fun. Maureen placed the pill in mouth and had a glass of water for me. I didn't think I would have needed viagra as I so rock hard for Maureen.

Maureen took me in the living room and we kissed some more. Maureen laid down on the sofa and invited me to eat her out. This was a first we've never had sex outside their bedroom.

I began feasting away at her pussy whilst fingering her with two fingers. Maureen tasted super sweet this morning. I dived deeper into her pussy as she moaned in delight and wrapped her legs around my head and pushed it down. I began working at her clit as she jolted in delight I feel and taste her pussy juices flowing through her and into my mouth.

I got her up and took and seat on the sofa. Maureen climbed onto of me and began rididng me. Her tits waving in front of me I took turns sucking her nipples. Holding her ass and guiding her she was buried deep on my cock. Maureen has continued riding my cock whilst I sat on their living room sofa. She leans back slightly and I raise up and start pounding her some more.

I get her up and get her into the doggy position as she grabbed a cushion to lay over.

She moaned as I inserted my rock hard cock into her and began pounding her her adulterous moans fill up the living up as I grab her hair shoulders anything to give me leverage. Maureen became wet and this was usually a sign she was going to cum. I began to ferociously pound her as my balls slapped against her ass and she let up a big scream as she orgasmed. I could feel my cock get wet with her juices. I could I was getting close as well.

I got into the missionary position on the sofa and inserted into her. Smashing into her as the sofa creaked and rocked. We shared deep kisses as she grabbed down onto my ass. She was begging me to cum into her I kept going and going to fufil this wish. I reached that point and let out a massive sign as I filled her up and unloaded my warm cum into her. After going soft I pulled out and watched some of my cum drip down onto the sofa.

Maureen sat up and we dhared kisses as she played with my cock. We'll go again soon she said to me. We continued kissing and Maureen was wanking my cock off. She stood up and told me to follow her to the kitchen.

As we're in the kitchen we start kissing some more. Maureen grabs a chair and gets me to sit down on it. With my rock hard cock Maureen goes reverse cowgirl on it and slides down on my cock.

Maureen lets up a slight chuckle and moan. I'm holding her tits as she bounces up and down on my cock. This was so hot I sat enjoyed Maureen going up and down and when she got tired I took over. She raised up slightly and I pounded her with my cock.

She sat up and bent over the worktop and pulled her pussy apart for me to fuck her. I inserted into her and began fucking her from behind whilst in her kitchen. I could still feel some on my warm cum in her which helped lubricating her pussy for my cock. I knew I weren't gonna last long before I did it again. My balls slapping against her ass as I looked through the window into the garden luckily the neighbours couldn't see us.

Maureen was starting to cum again which turned me on even more. Pounding her ass off as she screamed as she cummed after several seconds I unloaded again into her. I kept this in her for a minute or so afterwards as the viagra had fully kicked in and was working.

Maureen turned to face me and we began kissing some more. In next to no time I was rock hard again. Maureen was pressing right up against me as we kissed. I pulled her leg over and decided to pick her up fully and put her on my cock. I stood in the kitchen area holding and fucking her as she slid up and down on my body.

This Viagra Alan was taking was really good. Same he doesn't use it that often. As I'm holding her up Maureen says to go into the dinning room. Whilst holding her and my cock inside of her I walk into the dinning room and place Maureen onto the dinning table.

I continue fucking her as her legs are over my shoulder and we're shaken the table.

Maureen fully lays back on the table and tells me fuck her on the table.

It was quite a sturdy table to hold both our body weight. I get on top of Maureen and begin pounding her on the table. The table was solid and held it's own as Maureen screamed in delight, mixed in her moans I could my balls slapping her and some of the table. Maureen turns over and tells me to lay down so she could ride me.

I oblige and Maureen climbs on top and starts rididng me on their dinning table.

This was so hot I had Maureen fucking me on the table where she serves Alan dinner. I could see what Maureen meant be something special. I looked at her as her lovely blonde hair wept away as she continued riding me. I was getting close and told Maureen I wanted to finish in her missionary style.

Maureen quickly got into position and I got my cock into and quickly got going. I was so hard so turned on I ramped up my speed on table. How this table didn't break was beyond me.

I could feel myself getting close one last thrust and I was sering stars as my cock filled her up for the 3rd time.

I stayed in Mo for a good few minutes whilst we both caught our breath before pulling out of her and watching my cum drip down onto the table.

Me and Mo began sharing even more kisses as we got up off the table.

We both stood in the dinning room kissing and caressing each other we had done this for quite a few minutes as the afternoon sunshine beamed into the dinning room.

Slowly we moved to towards the stairs and eventually made our way upstairs.

We stood kissing some more in the bedroom as Maureen played with my now rock hard cock.

She ushered me to lay down on the bed and placed Alan's pillow under me.

I slid through her with such ease. Maureen gasped, but sank further into my lap. The heat of her insides swallowed me up. My hips reflexively pushed upward. Our bodies settled into one another. Mo's thick thighs spread around me. She sank deeper still. Her big hips wiggled, which drove me further inside of her.

My cock was buried into Maureen. Our faces came close as she draped her arms around my neck. Maureen's large eyes found mine. Our lips brushed together, but we simply chose to breathe one another in.

My eyes widened when Maureen began to fuck me.

Mo began to roll her hips into me. She wasn't slow or timid. Maureen's movements were fast and deep. Her body glided across my lap. In seconds her wetness had coated my balls.

With a flick of her head, Maureen attempted to toss her hair from her eyes. The motion straightened her in my lap and in my hands I felt the curve form in her back. I clutched her tightly. It was all I could do. Maureen was in control. Her entire body moved liked a wave. The force beat me into Alan's pillow some more.

After a few minutes of this I got Maureen onto Alan's pillow and began fucking her missionary she began screaming in delight as the bed rocked in sync. I lathered her up some more with deep French kisses as she pulled me into her some more.

I took some time out to worship her body licking her from head to toe which she always liked. Marking my terrority again I could see how my salvia glistened on Mo's body as the sun beamed into the bedroom.

I entered back into Maureen and picked up where I left off. Her screams again turning me on and giving me an impetus to finish her off.

I slammed myself into her harder and harder as the bedhead was hitting the wall.

I let out a massive sigh off relief as I unloaded in her again whilst she was on Alan's pillow. This was a motherload, I think cause she was on Alan's pillow was a massive turn on, I loved this side of Maureen.

I held it in there before naturally coming out. Mo and I cuddled and fell asleep for an hour or so.

We fucked a further 4 times in the marital bed after that and once in the shower before I had to go.

Was definitely a nice valentines treat.

Written by Stupastar21

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