Written by Me

20 Jul 2017

Over the years and whilst growing up I've often had thoughts and experiences about and with other girls/women. from touchy feeling games with another whilst sharing a bed to exploring each other's bodies with my best mate when a little tipsy. A little while ago one of my mates was starting to explore her bi side (I was married to a guy at the time). One evening we were very drunk and at a party with lots of people around. She approached me in the kitchen and as girls do gave me a friendly hug. As she let go she kept her body really close and I started to feel her hand on the outside of my thigh just beneath my skirt. We talked for a while and she kept saying "you know you want what I want". I kept nervously laughing it off and pretending I didn't know what she meant. As we talked her hand started to move round to the inside of my leg and further up my thigh. The excitement was truly amazing and as I could feel myself getting more and more turned on my cunt became soaking. I couldn't stop looking at her breasts they were so full and inviting as she took long deep breaths they rose up and down beneath her tiny revealing vest top. She managed to get the tip of her fingers to brush across my knickers before someone came along and interrupted our "chat". Although not much happened it was a very sexy moment together and I longed for more xx