23 Sep 2016

We both found this site recently, we found the tales we liked public, cinema , up skirt and voyeur. So when you put them all together we like outside being watched and men looking up my wife's dress.

We were at home one weekend watching an old film and a clip was at a dance hall, where the couples were jiving, the girls skirts spun out to reveal petticoat s, stockings and a glimpse of knickers, this was on the tv not a adult channel, my wife said I bet you love this, yes I wish I'd recorded this it was only on for a minute or two, the scene went back to the original story and no more flashes.

My mind went back to those underwear days when you could have a wank at those sights, simple as it might seem.although She flashed at people and let them see her knickers, and she let someone watch her being fingered in the cinema, he was quite a distance from us so he could only guess what what was happening. I told her that the sight on the tv had got me thinking if she would dress like she used to when we were out,she agreed and set off to the shops on Saturday, she returned and said we were going out in the week when it wasn't to busy.

She said book the bistro for eight and we'll have a drink at the pub first, we're lucky because the two venues are within walking distance, she called me and said she was ready I went to the front door and she looked fantastic, navy blue flaired dress and high heels, we strolled to the pub and sat outside, it was a beautiful evening and I got a bottle of our favorite wine and chatted, she seemed very excited I wondered if she'd had a drink before we came out. She was sitting opposite me and crossed her legs and I could see the tops of her stockings a white suspenders belt and matching knickers and petticoat, remind you of the tv programme.yes you look beautiful, there where two men sitting close to us about our age show that your underwear, she moved her dress up enough for them to see her stocking tops and petticoat one guy nudged the other and he looked over, they must have appreciated the view as the couldn't take there off her legs.

I said we should go and she said she wasn't hungry, just get another bottle and enjoy the warm evening, when w returned one of the men was talking to her, he introduced himself and said did we know where they could go for something to eat, we told him about the bistro, and we had booked a table but decided to just have a snack here as it was such a lovely evening,he chatted on and said they might do the same.

Could we join you, my wife said no problem and they brought the drinks over and sat down.they seemed like two really nice guys we spoke about nearly everything, we all ordered some food and carried on talking, my wife kept moving in her seat knowing they could see up her dress, I felt strange sitting knowing the men were getting glimpses up my wife's dress and me having a hard on.

We finished our food and one man said he had to go, we said goodbye and his friend said can I get you another drink, we looked at each other and she nodded,he went behind my wife to the bar she lifted her dress to above her stocking tops showing her suspenders and knickers moving her legs slightly apart, she said I bet you'd like to wank off with this view, suddenly the man reappeared but had come out from another door behind me and got the same sight as me.

He put the drinks down and my wife pulled her dress down, he looked embarrassed, I told him it wasn't a problem as we occasionally did this but not so close up.it was getting chilly and we moved to a table with a patio heater and away from the door, we explained about the tv clip and how my wife had drought the same underwear from that era,she was sitting with her back to the pub with us opposite, I moved next to her and moved the hem up her leg with her petticoat she and up to her knickers, I ran my finger over her knickers her legs opened a little I got in the leg and found her very wet, unfortunately we heard some noise and some people turned up.

We stopped, she asked him if he would like to meet again, of course would you wear the same clothes, certainly, he gave us his mobile and left. We sat chatting and both agreed it was the daring thing we've done and the most exciting, we left to walk home, we passed an old stone bus shelter now out of use. We went in and her dress was up to her waist and her knickers around her stocking tops, we wanked each other to a massive orgasm.

We arrived home and said that over the next few days we would call our new friend and arrange a meeting, will you let him touch, only if y want me to, the answer is yes.