31 Oct 2016

Hi hope you have read 1,2,and three,my friend has become a sex object she will do anything I ask, I really care for her and as I said before I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I'm becoming her master and she is coming up with new ideas, we still haven't had intercourse as the public sex is still so exciting.

I thought we had covered most things and it would only be a repeat of our recent adventures, perhaps I am wanting to much from this relationship. The more I thought about it we could repeat a lot of the things we had done as it would be different with other people.

I told her about my time around my wife's sorting out the internet and feeling up her skirt before she went out with her lover, how she had rang me back saying she had to change her knickers before she went out and she had done more sexual things with him than she had done before.

My friend said I bet you would liked to have watched them, of course they always go out in his car, why don't we follow them one day, I said how will we know when their going out, why don't you suggest that you need to go to the house to find some files for work when She's out, I rang her and she seemed ok with this and said she was going out on Wednesday evening, are you with your friend, shall I come early and wind you up like last time, yes we are going out and no you can't come early, I'll leave the key in the usual place.

We got there about ten to eight in her car

and waited, my wife's friend turned up and we followed them to a pub about five miles away.I knew the pub and we parked near them, my friend said she we go in, how can we shell see me straight away and know what's happening,I'll go in and see what's happening, I waited and she called me over, we sat where she could see them but she couldn't see me,she got our drinks and my friend kept me informed of what was happening, she rubbed her hand over my crutch and said this is really turning you on, the pub was quite and I put my hand up the side of her dress to her knickers she moved her legs around and I got to feel in between her thighs,I asked if anything was going on , she looked over and said they were very close his hand was on her lap and feeling her thighs, her legs were slightly open and I can see her stocking tops, he's gone to the bar and she's pulling her dress up a little. He's back and smiling at her, she's changed seats and her back is towards us, you can move over and watch as he wouldn't know you.

I knew exactly what she was doing as we used to do the same, she would be opening her legs so he could see up to her knickers, he leaned forward and I could only guess what was happening, they finished their drinks and left, we waited and followed, we assumed they would go back to the house but they stopped at a car park about a mile away renowned for dogging.My heart was racing, their interior light went on and they moved to the back seat, my friend said shall we go over we got to the car and stood at the window a few yards away, she was facing away from us but we could see what was happening, her dress was open and his head was buried in her chest, my friend moved closer, he looked up and smiled,he moved back in his seat and she lay there with her dress open, his fingers moved her pale blue knickers over and started fingering her.

We could see him talking to her, my friend was openly wanking me and my hand was down the front of her knickers, my wife sat up still with her back to us and started wanking him.We noticed another man had arrived and was standing the other side of the car, he smiled over and carried on watching with his hand in his trousers, I couldn't last much longer, I told my friend I was close, she pulled her knickers off and wrapped them around me, I couldn't believe I was being wanked while watching my wife being fingered. She knew people where watching, I came in her knickers and we left.

As we drove back my friend asked if I knew she did this, no not a chance. She dropped me off and we made arrangements for our next meeting, I felt a bit selfish as she hadn't come but I've never been so excited before, I had to give some thought to the situation, do I tell my wife or keep it secret and watch again.