Written by Yorkie Boy

3 Aug 2019

The rest of the night passed amiably, not wall to wall shagging as some fiction on here might suggest and when we returned home, we discussed what had happened. It was me that was a bit concerned that we were getting in too deep, too quick, after all before this last couple of weeks we had each shared but only a little, this now seemed to be lifestyle changing.

Emma told me that Jerry had a huge cock and he was a great fuck but lacked in the foreplay and oral skills department, she loves her clitty being licked and though it usually takes a long time to reach an oral orgasm when she does it is awesome, she totally loses herself and sometimes even squirts. She told me that Jerry was all about size, but what a size, she had been, at first in awe of him, then a bit worried about him then just totally filled by him. They had fucked twice upstairs whilst I was being used as a toy in my initiation. Sue explained that to start with newbies were kept at a bit of a distance until all were happy to include them. Emma leaving the room with Jerry was a test of our trust and also an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary with me, just to see if I would go along with it. Of course, I did and in the discussions that followed later that night we appeared to have finally been accepted within their circle. Carol explained that as well as the six of us there were another five, three single men and two unattached but readily available women that sometimes joined in, those that had been at our BBQ previously and each knew that we were being introduced gradually into the village scene.

Our sex life improved immensely at home after our involvement though and we regularly referred to others in the group during sex, imagining different scenarios. Emma said that she had never been into cum swapping but watching Sue and Carol clean spunk from her and then share between themselves and then me was a real turn on and hoped one day that her tits would be covered by cum from everyone and then licked clean before being shared. I told her it would now be easy to arrange and just smiled.

Life returned to normal over the next few days, some of the group still worked, others were involved with voluntary groups or just enjoyed a relaxing village life.

Emma and I had got into a similar routine, knowing that another party would be organised soon but happy to wait for that, enjoying each other whilst we did.

I was surprised one day then when Carol popped round and asked if I could help her get some bits out of the loft. “Of course.” I said and walked back round to hers, I followed her upstairs, watching as she wiggled that arse covered in her tight jeans, I knew she was just shy of 50 but could certainly pass for much younger.

There was a small two step, stepladder on the landing, clearly unsuitable for getting into the loft, “What are those for?” I asked, “They’re all I have that’s why I asked you, there’s a small case just at the side of the opening, I thought maybe you could reach it?”

I laughed but said I would try, but that I did have some better stepladders at home.

She rolled her eyes at me and gestured, so I took the two steps, reached up and pushed the loft door open, before running my hands around trying to feel for this small case. I couldn’t find it so stretched a bit further, as I did, I felt Carols hands on my hips and heard her saying. “Whoa, steady on.” As she rested her head against my shorts

In almost no time at all her hands moved from my hips to the front of my shorts and undid the button at the top and pulled the zip down, in no time my shorts were around my ankles and Carols hands and lips were around my cock. She was still stood up in front of me but as I was on the steps the heights worked out just perfectly. I thought of saying something, but that thought lasted a nano second as she expertly worked her magic on my cock and then cupping and squeezing my balls, I could feel the sap rising and told her so, hoping like hell that I didn’t fall off the fucking stepladder. She didn’t even register my concern but wanked me to a finish and swallowed almost all my cum, a little just falling onto her chin and fingers.

No sooner had she finished she stepped back and smiled, showing the cum fresh in her mouth, which she rolled with her tongue then swallowed.

“Be careful.” She said, don’t trip on your shorts. I stepped out of them as I stepped down, she just smirked, and said, “I was bored and as I hadn’t seen you for a while I thought it would be nice.”

“I must be a right fool eh?”

“Well it’s nice to know I can rely on my neighbour.” She patted my arse and said, “Now are you staying for a bit or do you have something better to do?”

I stayed, but that’s for another time.

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