24 Nov 2015

Being separated from my wife, has given me the freedom to indulge in many of the away breaks and to visit places that she would never dream of venturing into.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Huddersfield, staying in a lovely B&B.

A must for me was to visit the cinema. It was Monday evening as I entered the darkened main cinema and noticed that there were a number of guys, some sitting some standing, all apparently waiting for something to happen. Plucking up some courage, I asked the nearest guy to me what everyone seemed to be waiting for.

Stripper, he mumbled. Five minutes later another half a dozen guys shuffled into the room, followed shortly by, The Stripper. To be fair she put on a show, teasing the guys sitting in the front row, who I presumed were regulars as she seemed to be acquainted with a few of them.

Sadly it was over quite quickly and most of the guys simply vanished. I decided to visit the smaller cinema which had two guys sitting in the back row wanking each other. I sat two rows in front of them and made myself comfortable, releasing my cock and began to stroke it. I was happy watching the mmf action on the screen and giving myself a slow wank

An Asian guy came into the room and eyeballed the action. Soon he had his cock out and stood at the end of the row I was in, watching me and wanking himself. He was extremely nervous, as every time there was a noise outside of the room, he would stop what he was doing and stuff his cock back in his trousers.

I began to think that I had misread the reviews and decided to visit the toilet. I stood in one of the cubicles with the door slightly ajar, dropped my trousers and masturbated. Only one guy entered the toilets, passed by the cubicle I was in, had a pee and left. Time to call it a night.

The following evening I decided to give the cinema another visit, this time a little earlier. There were five guys in the main cinema and three in the smaller one. As the smaller one was more comfortable, I decided to stay for a while. Only one guy was stroking himself. I slipped my jogging bottoms down and began to wank myself. Still no action from anyone. A short while later the door to the room opened and a guy came in and whispered something to the other three guys.

Being hard of hearing, I didn't catch what he said, but knew something was afoot, as they all got up and left the cinema room. I thought, A Raid, and decided to follow them. In the main cinema a female voice was shouting out, Yes! Yes!

A crowd of five guys had gathered on the front row where a couple were sitting. The female was being finger fucked from one of the crowd.

The guy was giving her a right seeing too and she soon reached an extremely noisy climax. She stood up and leant over the back of the seat, her bare arse stuck in the air and naked tits hanging over the back of the seat. The guy fingering her dropped his pants and plunged his rampant cock into her soaking hole. An older guy worked his way along the seats until he was sat in the seat behind her, or in front of her as she was facing into the seats, and began to squeeze her ample


She was very vocal and screaming for the guy to fuck her harder. It didn't take long before he exploded in her making her moan with pleasure. The guy pulled out and she simply cried, "Next" Another guy took his place behind her and shoved his cock into her well oiled pussy. The old guy that was feeling her tits moved away and I decided to take a chance and moved into his space.

I asked her if it was okay to touch her, to which she gasped ,"Yes." I cupped her breasts which were surprisingly firm and yet soft to the touch. I gently pulled on her nipples which responded by growing an inch or so between my fingers. The guy fucking her had cum in her and she again shouted "Next"

Another guy took his place and to my surprise she began to stroke my cock over my joggers. With a quick pull at my joggers she had my cock out and began to wank me. I moved closer to her and she clamped her mouth over my rigid cock and gave me one of the best blow jobs I had ever experienced. "I'm Cumming, "I whispered to her. Whether she heard me or not she kept on sucking me until I exploded in her mouth.

I thanked her and tidied myself up. "Next," was all I heard as I made my way to the smaller cinema room.

The room was empty, the film was one of the best porn films I have seen and before long I was sitting joggers around my ankles, my tee shirt pulled up to the neck and enjoying another wank.

A guy of about fifty years of age came into he room and stood watching me for a short while before releasing his cock and stroking it. He turned to face me still stroking his circumcised cock. I nodded my approval and gestured for him to join me.

We sat rubbing each other for a short while before he leant over and took me into his mouth. He was giving great head while wanking me at he same time.

I let him know that I was getting near. Suddenly he pushed a finger into my bum which sent me over the edge shooting my second load of cum into his mouth. He kept on sucking until I was spent drawing every last drop of cum from me.

I offered to return the favour but he declined and simply tidied himself up and left.

I have already booked up for next Spring and am looking forward to another night or two at the Cinema.