Written by Matt Harrington

28 Sep 2015

I have always fancied Doreen my girlfriends mum partly because of her ample breasts and large bum and partly because of the fact that she is very tactile with me. Melanie, my girlfriend was a virgin when we met and is determined to remain so until we are married. Doreen is 5ft 2 tall ,slim with a magnificent bust and a seductive bum. She dresses very conservatively no low cut tops or short skirts. When we stay over at her house we have the bedroom next door and I can never hear the sound of sex coming from her bedroom next door to ours. I do however hear her trying to initiate sex and Gordon ,her husband saying that he is much too tired.

One night Melanie was out and Gordon was at a works do. Just Doreen and I were in the house. I was sitting in the front room downing a glass of wine when Doreen came in and asked if she could join me. She sat close to me on the sofa and I in a daredevil moment put my arm around her .I thought she would move away ,but she didn't ,and I grew more bold, putting my hand on her back under her blouse. She did not resist and I undid the clasp of her bra to release a magnificent pair of breasts which I caressed under her blouse before removing it . Doreen seemed very turned on by this and felt my growing erection.I undid the zip on her skirt, lowered it and slipped my fingers into her knickers , and probably the hairiest vagina I have ever seen.Doreen was soon pulling at my jeans to release my growing erection which she proposed to suck. I fingered away at her now sloppy vagina. "Fuck me now "Doreen commanded ,Gordon will be back soon, and she led me to her bedroom. Although I wanted to fuck her I licked at her pussy and breasts ,trying to resist her demands for me to fuck her. However a man can only resist so much ,and soon Doreen had mounted me and was bouncing up and down on my cock ,while I sucked at those magnificent 38dd breasts. She held the end of my shaft very tightly to control my coming before her and we both erupted together coming at the same time. Hurriedly she dressed as Gordon entered the house. I hid under the bed in case he came upstairs .When I could hear them talking I went to my bedroom only to emerge later on the pretext I had been asleep. This experience convinced me that its great to have a young wife, but an older woman is much better for sex and they are always so grateful Although I am now married I always have a older pussy on the go you cant beat them