Written by HornyCpl

18 Feb 2017

Neither the wife nor I believe in the viability of long term sexual monogamy. Both of us dated when we were young mainly for sexual satisfaction rather than seeking a romantic relationship. We wound up in a long term relationship, and later marriage, because the sex was so great (in addtion to being fairly compatible in other ways), but were honest with each other from the start that we each would eventually need sex outside our marriage, and that's what we have done. Now that we're in our mid-40s and the kids are out on their own, it's a lot easier to do threesomes and foursomes as a couple as well as solos.

As for our solo adventures, we're totally open with each other either before or afterward depending on the circumstances. A good example is what happened when we recently attended a company function of mine at my managing director's huge house - actually a mansion. As we were getting ready, she asked if I minded if she pulled someone there for a quick solo (she loves quick solos, while I prefer long romantic ones). As always, I told her to go for it but, again as is usual for us, I asked that she let me know when she left with him for an upstairs bedroom so I could follow and maybe watch the action.

Once we were there at the cocktail party, we mingled as expected as we had some champagne. After about an hour and having completed our obligation to socialize, she asked someone to dance a slow dance. Her usual way is to dance with anyone who asks and let nature take its course, but no one had approached her, so she took the initiative. She wasn't having much success, which was unusual since she's quite the looker, until a young guy in his early 30s asked for a dance. I stood off to the side with my drink and watched her work her magic. They soon were dancing close and he had that flirting look and manner as they conversed. Within just a few minutes, they abruptly left the dancing area. As they passed me, she gave me that look.

She most probably had used on him a slight variation of the pull statement she had used on me over 20 years before in that university pub less than ten minutes after we had met. I remember it like it was yesterday. She had given me a serious look as she said, "I don't know of any reason why you shouldn't have your cock in me right now. Let's go to my flat and you can have me." It took me only about five seconds of surprise to realize she was serious. We went, we did, and the rest is history.

The room was crowded so it was easy to follow them a few seconds later without being obvious. They went up the wide stairs to the second floor and found an empty bedroom. I had timed it correctly so I arrived at the top of the stairs just as he led her into the bedroom. I ambled slowly down the hall to give them about 60 seconds head start in the bedroom.

My wife has this down to a science. She lets the man lead her into the bedroom so she is the one to close the door behind them and can leave it unlocked for me. As they enter, she has him turn on the bedside lamps if they aren't already lighted, as she goes to the near side of the bed and stands facing the door so when he joins her his back is to the door and won't see me when I slip inside. He also won't notice when I ease the door open because the bedside lamps drown out the hallway lighting, and by the time I slip inside, she will have his full attention focused on her body.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching, then slipped onside, silently closing and locking the door. It was a big bedroom, so they were about 20 feet away, already kissing passionately. She had one hand behind his neck pulling his head into their kiss. Her other hand was hidden by his body, so I was sure she was feeling his cock through his trousers, especially since he also had one hand hidden between them, either touching up her breast or pussy through her clothing.

She soon broke their kiss and squatted down in front of him, her head at crotch level and both hands busy in front of her, probably opening his trousers. Sure enough, she soon pushed his trousers down to puddle around his ankles. Her hands rose back up and pulled his pants down. He soon had his hands on the back of her head as she sucked and fondled his cock. She was murmuring her appreciation of it by saying, "Oh, it's so big … Umm ... And thick, too ……. I can't wait to have it up me." After a few more seconds of sucking to make sure his cock was ready, she stood, pulled her dress up to her waist, and turned to face the bed.

As she bent at the waist and placed her hands on the bed to steady herself, he said, "You don't waste any time, do you?" As she moved her feet apart so he could have easy access to her pussy, she replied, "No, I don't. I told you downstairs I was in the mood for this." He reached in and slipped at least one finger inside, then quickly said out loud, "God, it's like a swamp in there." She chuckled as she said, "I told you I was horny and needed it." He must have put at least one more finger inside and I saw by his arm movement he was finger fucking her.

My wife is an extremely hot woman once she gets going so it was no surprise she almost immediately started moaning as her arousal quickly heightened. He realized she would likely come if he continued, so he put some energy in to finger fucking her and, within seconds, she was gasping out her first climax. She quickly quieted, and then I heard her say, "That was a nice preliminary. I need you in me now!"

He shuffled a step forward, grasped his cock, and thrust it up her. Even though she was most probably fully lubricated with her own juices, she gasped that wonderful gasp all men love to hear when they shove their cock up a woman for the first time at the beginning of a fuck. He quickly began fucking her quite vigorously, which is the way she likes it wshen on the pull.

They were very soon into a full on hip smashing fuck and she was coaching him for what she needed, "Fuck me harder …... That's it …... Yeah, really pound me …… (gasp) …. Harder! …… (gasp) …. Deeper! …… (gasp) …. (gasp) …. Oh God, I'm close (gasp) …. I'm almost there! …. (gasp … gasp) … Yes! … Yes! … Oh, God! I'm coming! .. I'm commmingggg! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!!!"

Her unbridled enthusiasm had the usual effect on the man fucking her - it sucked his own come from him. And this guy was no different. As she verbalized her need and her rising passion, his fucking had become more enthusiastic and he couldn't help coming when she did. His hips thrust uncontrollably and he bellowed as he unloaded into her. When both of them were finally finished, I walked toward them and bellowed loudly as the outraged husband, "What's going on here! … What are doing with my wife! … I should kill you!" He snapped upright and half turned to face me. Seeing the outrage on my face in addition to hearing my outraged statements, he pulled his pants and trousers up, quickly attempting to zip up as he started stammering gibberish.

I continued with, "Get out! … Get out of here right now! … And leave the party before I make an issue of this with our host!" He dashed for the door. I followed, then closed and locked the door before returning to my wife who had watched the scene holding her dress up around her waist.

I went to her and she resumed her position leaning over the edge of the bed. I took his place behind her and dropped my trousers and pants, then slid my hand between her legs in her cunt and felt around. His cum was dripping out of her with some of it on the bed coverlet and some running a bit down the inside of one thigh. I said to her, "He was a heavy spunker - it's smeared in your cunt hair and some running down your thigh. I don't have to ask if it was good for you - you certainly made enough noise as you came."

She turned her head to the side and replied, "Are you going to talk all night or are you going to fuck me? I need some more! "Taking the hint, I wanked my almost fully hard cock a few times, and then slid it up her. I love the feel of 'sloppy seconds' and moaned appreciatively as I felt his cum around my cock. I then fucked my wife for several minutes to a mutual and very satisfying come for both of us.

When we were finished, I got the two handkerchiefs from my pocket and handed her one. We respectively wiped cock and cunt as best we could, and went downstairs. We quickly said our goodbyes and left for home for our usual long post-adventure sesson in bed It was another successful evening for both of us.

We have lots more 'adventures' to share if you are interested.