Written by rochdale

11 Oct 2009

this is all true, im 35 now , when was about 22 i had the odd fumble with a girl i knew called claire.she is livin ith a lad i used to hang about with yrs ago.kids etc..anyway about 3 yrs back i bumped into her in town, had a chat and got her num. I texted her a week or so later, sort of jokingly makin suggestive remarks etc, and she responded. Any way i met her one night in the car, had a bit of a snog and a grope but nothin happened.. A few week later we met a local park, it was busy so went to a secluded spot an started snoggin, i put my hand down the back of her pants , she kept pushin my hand away when i went nr her pussy but i kept tryin and she succumbed.we started snoggin frantically, all the time my finger rubbin her clit, her hand wankin me...i didnt have any condoms so she didnt want me to fuck her, so she got on her knees,i have never had a blowjob like it.....her speed and hand movement were just right and i soon shot my spunk in her mouth.this is the first of many tales of when we have met many times since then..