Written by Mike

31 Aug 2010

Some years ago, I was 20 at the time, already practising bi sexual enjoying lots of sex with men and women. I was very fit, used to play squash at county level, swim go to the gym etc, I was at university coming home during holidays and the odd weekend. A school mate was training as an engineer and I used to meet him for a drink, a couple of his mates from his company joined him, and one guy called Dale was sex on legs, he was so sexy I could never take my eyes off hi, I usually prefer black or darker guys, Dale was blond and very athletically built which I did and still do adore. We used to chat a lot, very flirty really and he used to wear tight white jeans and tight shirts showing his muscles well. His family were well off and had bought him an open top sports car, one Saturday lunchtime during the summer, my family were away and I had the house to myself a fact I mentioned to Dale, he asked me if I wanted a drive in his car, I agreed and we set off to Epsom Downs for a drive, his hand kept touching my leg as he changed gears, he said I had good strong legs and I stroked his leg and said his were too, he then put his hand on my hand to keep it on his leg, I stroked higher and when he did not stop I started to stroke his cock through his jeans, and he felt a very big boy. He stopped at a quiet part of the Downs and lent across and kissed me full French, we snogged for ages, me managing to unbutton his jeans and get his cock out he lay back on his seat, and I saw his massive cock I am about 8.5 but he was over 10 inches, I lowered my head and started to lick him and took him in my mouth, he had his hand on my head and was pushing me down and thrusting up into my mouth I was blowing him very deeply, after a few minutes I felt his cock swell and empty his balls down my throat. I sat up and we kissed, I said come back to my house and he drove us home.

When we arrived home we went to my bedroom, our clothes were off in a second, onto the bed and we groped and kissed and explored each others bodies, he gave me a fantastic blow job, and the proceeded to rim my arse very deeply, pinching my nipples I was soon hard again, and was wanking as he was rimming, then he stood up, pulled me to the edge of the edge with my legs over his shoulders, and he started to slowly enter my arse with his massive and rock hard cock, once in he let me get used to it, it hurt at first but once used to it was wonderful then I said fuck me hard, and he did fucked me like a animal really hard and fast slapping my arse and I was wanking like mad. After what seemed like an age he came inside my arse so much cum he then let himself go soft and his cock popped out, he got back onto the bed and we hugged and he said he had fancied me from the moment we met, and I said the same we both knew the other was bi or gay, he was gay. However, none of our family or friends knew. He stayed at my house for the two weeks that my family was away, and we fucked at least once a day, I introduced him to Dave who was a young black guy who used to fuck me, met him when I did a temporary job, he lived in Tooting, he was very well hung, in fact a bit bigger and thicker than Dale, we had some amazing threesomes. One of the threesomes I remember them taking turns to fuck my arse alternately, they tried to both fuck me at the same time I rode Dave and Dale tried to get in by pushing me forward they almost did it!

I fucked Dave on and off for five years, but saw Dale for over ten years; never as a full time relationship but he was one hell of a fuck.

I have always like massive cock, a bit of a size queen, but Dale was also beautiful. Still enjoy fucking young guys with large cock and if I find a sexy blond always reminds me of Dale.