Written by bigpussy

11 Jan 2012

Following a bad bout of flu, I managed to get out of bed to have a shower. Badly needed since I had been so ill, I'd hardly managed to stand up let alone wash myself. I was about to get into the shower when the doorbell rang. Thinking it might be my sister I went downstairs and opened it, to see a well built man, about 60 years old, standing there with a tool box in his hand. I remembered that Dave, my hubby, had booked the plumber to fix our central heating. I let him into the house and showed him where the boiler was and, as I went to go back upstairs I noticed he was grinning at me. Suddenly self conscious , I realised that my dressing gown had fallen open and that he could see my naked body. @Oh, I'm sorry' I said and tried to cover myself up again. Don't do that love, he said and moved closer to me and pulled my dressing gown wide open. Nothing to be ashamed of at all he said, eyeing me up and down and grinning even more. A glint had come into his eyes, almost like an animal. I felt so ashamed; my fanny was beginning to smell, it had not been washed for 3 days now, my blonde hair was all tousled and I knew there was 3 day old mascara around my eyes. I froze with embarrassment , not knowing what to do Before I realised it, he was stroking my breasts, which made me feel worse as they are rather big with large brownish nipples. I said PLease Stop! but he carried on, now stroking my belly and just touching my fanny hairs. Don't I said that's so rude! But he carried on saying, I love a hairy cunt darlin'. Suddenly my embarrassment turned to excitement and I knew I wanted more. But the smell coming from my fanny was quite strong now so I said but I havent washed for a few days. He said even better babe, I love smelly, hairy cunts. He started kissing me, his arm round my waist now, his free hand pulling my fanny hairs apart as he worked his fingers to find my cunt lips. His tongue was exploring my mouth and I loved it so much I lifted my one leg onto a kitchen stool and that made my fanny open wide for him. It was quite sticky with old fanny juices which had remained there for days, but also mingling with fresh juices as his fingers began to work their magic in and around my hot cunt hole. He circled my clit, round and round several times then slipped an finger right inside my hole, winding round and round inside me, then he took his finger out and licked it . That tastes so good he said, I bet it looks good too. he took a torch out of his tool box, crouched down between my legs and shone the torch right on my open fanny. Oh that's beaut he said, all red and shiny and glistening with your fanny juices. He opened me wider and put his nose right in my cunt and pushed hard against me. Then I felt him licking me, then lapping away at the juice which ran out of me now.. I wa s throbbing and started to lose my balance He carried me to the draining board and sat me up, pulling me fett onto the stainless steel surface and pulled my legs wide apart. My cunt was twithching hard and my breath was thick and fast.I looked down at my cunt which was gaping wide and put my own fingers inside and wanked myself til I came. He watched me with a weird expression on his face as my fingers became coated with sticky juices oozing out of my hole. I love the look of you, the smell of you he said and began to rub himself on his crotch. get your cock out I cried so he opened his flies and out sprang a big thick dick all wet on the end and very hard. I wanted to touch it and reached out but just as I did I heard the front door open.......