Written by Wife Watcher

31 Mar 2011


Sharing My Wife 2

As explained in a previous post several days ago, I told my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man. She ultimately agreed to try it but only if she could first fuck whoever this person might be without my being there. She said she needed to do it first to get comfortable. We arranged for that to happen, and when she was done she came back to our room and told me in great detail everything that happened. He had fucked her three times.

She said that the guy would let me watch but only if his fantasy of a MWW was satisfied where my wife was one of the women. He had a woman in mind who wanted to do it.

The next night, my wife called him to see if he wanted to do it again. He invited both of us to come to his room. He said his lady friend Cecelia would also be there to do a MWW.

When my wife and I arrived at his hotel room, we stood outside his door with her asking me, "Are you really sure about doing this?"

"You already fucked him", I said. "How will one more time make a difference?"

"I'm more concerned about the effect on you of actually seeing me with another man. This is your last chance to back out."

"I tell you that I have a burning passion to watch, but, it has to be the case that you are OK with this. If you are uncomfortable or do not want to do it, then I'm very OK with you calling it off at any time…even right now at this moment.

"How bad do you want to see me with him?" she asked.

"I really want to watch. Let's do it".

I put my hand under her dress and was playing with her bare pussy as I said, "When you told me he touched you here last night, I almost had an orgasm. The way you described how you two made love led me to believe that you really enjoyed yourself with him. "

"Are you really really sure that you want me to do this? she meekly asked again.

"No doubts at all".

"OK, then", she said, "I'll do it…but I intend to totally enjoy it. I will ignore your even being there."

Finally, we knocked on his door and he invited us in. The other woman, Cecelia, was not yet there and he told us she would be late.

Then looking at me, he said, "Your wife tells me that you want to watch us have sex"

"Yes", I said.

He turned to my wife, and asked, "Did you tell him about what we did yesterday?"

"Yes", she said, "every detail".

"Well then let's give your husband a bonus. Let's let him watch you and I do it again before Cecelia gets here. Is that OK with you?"

She looked at me and weakly said, "OK".

I sat down and watched him take her by the hand to the side of his bed. While still standing, he stared into her eyes and said to her, "You are so beautiful. I missed you."

She smiled. He pulled her to him and I sat across the room watching another man kiss my wife. It was a long kiss. His hand went under her dress to touch the very parts of her that I was just touching in the hallway outside his door. Her eyes were closed and she let him have his way with her. His other hand was squeezing a tit.

Then he sat her on the bed, pushed her back, raised her dress, spread her legs and put his mouth on her bare pussy. Her hands went to his head as if to guide him to lick the right spots. His hands were holding her bare ass as he presumably was kissing and licking her clit. She was breathing hard.

After awhile, he stood up and stripped naked. Both of us men then watched her remove the remainder of her clothes. Soon, their two entirely naked bodies were lying next to each other. They started kissing again. As he finger fucked her, she was stroking his now very large dick.

They were entirely ignoring me. It was as if I wasn't even there. I was so sexually excited, that if I pulled out my dick to masturbate, I knew that if I just touched it that it would immediately squirt all over his carpet. I was focused oh her hand which was jacking him off.

He then positioned himself on top of her and I watched her adjust her body to get ready for him. Then for the first time ever, I was in a front row seat watching another man bring his hard dick right up to my wife's waiting pussy. She took his dick and slowly guided it to slide inside of her.

When his dick was entirely inside of her, he laid on top of her without either of them moving for many long minutes. He was deeply kissing her. It was apparent that she was kissing him back.

A little later, he lifted his head, looked down into her eyes and groaned, "I want you so bad. I couldn't sleep last night."

Then she started fucking him. I could see her hips began moving up and down even with his heavy body pressing down on her.

Then he began fucking her. His ass began pounding at each of her upper thrusts.

My fantasy was being fulfilled. I was watching a man fuck my wife and she was viscously fucking him back. I couldn't believe my eyes. She began moaning with that familiar sound, 'Oh… Oh… Oh….'

I knew she was coming.

Then he groaned that he was coming and they began kissing as his seed moved from his body to be inside of her. Then, they began slowly decreasing their 'fucking motions'.

I watched spellbound as their animation became slower and slower until they eventually stopped. When they were finally motionless, he remained on top with his dick still inside of her. His head was kissing her neck. I was thinking that she must be feeling his dick shrinking as it got softer and softer.

I then waited for them to do something but they just laid there motionless for what seemed to me to be an eternity. He remained motionless on top of her.

"God that was good', he eventually said with a sound that shattered the stillness. He then rolled to her side so that they were now both on their back.

He then said, "I don't know what happened to Cecelia".

She said, "Who needs her?"

"She told she wants to do a MWW. I'm surprised she's not here."

"Is there something you wanted her to do that I can do for you?" my wife asked.

"She wanted to watch me first fuck you. Then she wanted to make you come again while licking my come out of your pussy.

Then there was pause. It was very quiet before he went on, "Then she wanted you to make her come by licking her pussy.

My wife said, "I couldn't do that."

Then, for the first time, my presence was recognized.

He asked me, "Did you like watching that?"

"It was awesome. You really took care of her", I told him.

Then he asked her, "Did your husband watching us bother you?"

She answered, "A little bit. It seemed a bit weird knowing that he was watching."

"Are you comfortable to let him watch us again?" he asked her.

"No", she replied, "I would rather that it just be you and me."

"Without him being here?" he asked her.

"I think so", she replied

I didn't quite under first what was happening or what she was really saying.

I got a rude awakening when he asked me to leave.

"Are you coming with me?" I asked her.

"I'll be along in a little while", she said.

"Are you going to fuck him again?", I asked.

"I'll tell you all about it later" she answered.

I then went back to our room and waited. When she finally got there 7 hours later, I asked what took so long and she replied, "I fell asleep".

"Did you fuck him again?", I asked.

"Over and over again…all night long…"

Then she went into great detail of how he fucked her and she fucked him back.

I listened in a state of sexual excitement.

But when the story was over, I asked if she was going to see him again.

"Yes", she answered.

"When?" I asked.

"I want to drive back here next week and spend a few days alone with him".