Written by Steve

20 May 2015

I was warned when I fell in love with w woman 15 years my junior that I was storing up problems for the future. But for a few years things were great. Then my sex drive dwindled and for the last five years we just haven't been intimate. I'm a fat bald unfit 55 year old while Sharon's a petite gorgeous 40 year old. Lately she's done well at work and has extra responsibilities attending management meetings etc.. A few weeks ago her manager picked her up for a meeting some 2 hours away from home and she warned me it would be a late finish. Out of character for me I went to our village pub for the evening. At 10 pm I started walking home when I noticed her managers car parked at the end of our lane. From where I was I could make his silhouette out in the drivers seat but no Sharon in the passenger seat. Great she's home I thought thinking that Stuart had parked up to make a call or something. But as I got closer I saw his eyes closed and his face contorted. God he's ill I thought and was about to go to him when I noticed a head bobbing up and down in his lap. I almost laughed and then the awful realisation that it was Sharon gobbling him hit me. His face was consumed with pleasure. I don't know why but I didn't stop it. I just sneaked past and went home where I sat desolated. Sharon came in half hour later full of smiles and cheerful hellos with a dollop of jizz in her hair. "You still don't swallow then Sharon?" "What?" She laughed nervously. I took the spunk on my fingers and smeared it across her mouth. A furious argument ensued which the neighbours must have heard. She swore she hadn't slept with him and tonight was their first sexual contact. He'd fingered her to orgasm and she had pulled him out of her mouth as he began to spurt. The argument ended when she shouted in tears "I'm a woman. I need sex. If you won't fuck me I'll get it off him" I wish I'd have got hard then but I couldn't. Defeated I said. "Call him to come back then". Sharon went quiet "what for? Are you going to hit him?" I shook my head. "Just to give you what you need". She was straight on the phone. She really did need it. My heart was thumping waiting for Stuart to come and I hugged Sharon right saying it's ok babe it's ok. "Choose me some underwear" she said. How weird to choose your wife's skimpies for her to fuck another man in but I chose red silk stockings and red heels. I let Stuart in as Sharon waited on the bed. I can't deny it was awkward. We shook hands and I pointed him to our bed and then went to the kitchen and poured a large whiskey. After a while I heard grunts moans and our squeaky bed. My stomach sank imagining the scene. Then I heard Sharon screaming. I'd never heard her scream during sex and ran to the bedroom wandering what the fuck he was doing to her. She had her heels on his shoulders and he was relentlessly banging into her. He stopped and looked at me. She gripped his arse cheeks and pulled him into her. "Don't fucking stop" she ordered. Stuart mouthed sorry to me and continued pumping into her. Within seconds they came together very noisily. They stayed in position as their breathing calmed. I sat on the bed and wiped her fringe from her sweaty brow. She looked so satisfied. "God you really did need that didn't you". She nodded and then looked at Stuart. "And I need more" Stuart protested that he'd cum twice and his wife was expecting him etc. I very firmly told him that he was going nowhere until he'd fucked my wife again. Sharon smiled at me gratefully and told Stuart shed suck him back to erection. But as he withdrew from her sloppy cunt we all saw that the condom had split and her cunt was full of cum. This seemed to excite Stuart and his erection was firm. He slid back into her and began the obscenities. "You're mine now you little spunk slut. My baby in your belly you dirty little whore. You're mine not his. Say it. You're my slut". "I'm your slut Stuart". This excited and angered me but it flood blood into my dick. "You fucking bitch" I spat grabbing her hair and forcing my cock into her mouth. "Swallow bitch" I cried fucking her mouth as Stuart fucked her cunt. Within seconds I was cumming and held her head tight so she took the lot. As I slipped out she gasped but had no time to recover as Stuart raced up her body and replaced my cock with his. I held her head again so he could deposit his junk down her throat to join mine. Stuart soon left to go home leaving us spent and confused as to what all this will mean for us. Sharon refused the morning after pill and has not yet taken a test. We are not sure what lies ahead for us but we know that ithe future must include sex for Sharon.