Written by John67

28 Nov 2015

My wife and I have been married for 20 plus years and while we have discussed bring someone else into our lovemaking, it has only ever been during sex when we were both very aroused. I often masturbate at the thought of her taking a young guy's cock in her mouth and watching him fuck her after that.

She surprised me last Saturday night after going out with her girlfriends. She had gone out looking pretty hot with tight black leggings, black stilettos with shiny steel heels (my favourite) and a black silky blouse with black and red lacy bra underneath. She is quite a big girl (size 16, 38C) but looked sensational.

I heard the front door opening at 12:30 am and was a bit surprised to hear giggling and some muffled chatting. I got out of bed and onto the landing to hear, by which time she had gone through to the living room. I came down the stairs quietly and peeped through the partly open door to see my wife sat on the sofa and a guy in mid twenties (she is 54) enjoying one of her fabulous blow jobs. His cock was bigger than mine, and he was pulling her head to him as she slurped noisily. One of the most exciting parts of the display for me was seeing her red lipstick marks at the base of his cock, showing that she had taken him fully in.

He reached down to feel her tits and she helped by undoing her blouse swiftly. He manhandled her right tit roughly of out her bra, making her moan. Then her left. As she sucked on him, her pinched and twisted her nipples. She likes this during sex with me and she was clearly in ecstasy. By now I was wanking, naked, watching my wife behaving like some common slut with this young guy. "Over your tits babe" he said, as she started wanking him, licking the tip on alternate strokes. Within seconds he came in streams over her lovely tits, soaking them, her bra, and her blouse. She greedily took his twitching cock into her mouth again, sucking out the remnants of his seed, rubbing her sperm-coated tits with her left hand.

At this sight I could hold on no longer, and came myself, collecting it in my hand.

To be continued...