Written by Gaztees

5 Apr 2014

we had discussed fantasies one Sunday morning and to my surprise Tina said she would consider my dreams. We had dabbled with her touching other men and being touched but she had never had full sex with another guy in the time we had been together. So do you know anybody with a big cock ? she asked me, No I don't think so, do you ? I'll ask around the girls she said to me. "are you sure you want to see me screwed by a long thick cock" ...Yes if you want it too I said.

A week or so passed by and nothing was said until she came home from work and she told me her work colleague had told her of a friend of her sons who was very well endowed and that she had his phone number but didn't want to call him, her nerves got the better of her..a few days later she was at the friends house and called me to pick her up, the drink had flowed and she decided to leave her car there.

As I pulled up outside she came over to the car and said she was saying her goodbyes and could we give John a lift home as he was on our way.."yeah no problem" I said not thinking

She came out a few minutes later followed by a lad about 20 years old and a good 6 foot tall. As we settled into the drive back to ours we all exchanged small talk and I felt Tinas hand reach over to my thigh. "John is a friend of Susans son you know" she said.. the penny dropped and I realised who this man was.."I've got some cans at ours if you want one mate" I felt her squeeze my leg in anticipation.. "Go on then" he said. As we reached the house I asked her if she had discussed our fantasy with John.. "Not fully but I think he has the picture" She ran into the house desperate for a wee as she normally is and I opened the fridge.. I looked at him and said "so I want her to be fucked by a guy with a really big cock and I understand you are a big lad" he blushed and laughed gulping his beer. at that I heard footsteps on the stairs and I saw my partner dressed only in a short cream satin type dressing gown, the fabric stretching across her taut nipples. I went upstairs to get things ready in the spare room. after about five minutes I returned to see them both in the living room, he dressing gown wide open and his fingers probed her slit "no faces" I heard her say as he used his phone to video his knuckles disappearing into her... "You better not show your mates this she said" "Oh I will they love to watch dirty sluts" whether it was his technique or the thought of his mates watching her in the pub I don't know but she started to climax. "Have you checked him out" I asked and she fumbled with his jeans and boxers her hand disappearing inside .."yes its fine" I caught a glimpse as she turned slightly I could see her hand wouldn't stretch around the girth and the length was about 3 of her hands long as she wanked him.

Upstairs she lay on the bed as he pulled at his jeans and slipped his boxers off his hips she parted her legs slightly and I realised my fantasy of seeing her hole stretched and gaping would be fulfilled. "are you sure" I said to both of them she nodded as he rubbed the tip of his huge cock against her clit. "Its much much bigger than yours she said to me "and it will stretch me" I watched as she reached between her legs and probed her hole with his tip.. I saw her gasp and her eyes widen as he pushed inside her slowly at first as she started taking his length.. he was withdrawing almost completely before ploughing back into her his speed increasing as her cries of delight mounted. " Have you ever had one that size" I asked ... she was biting her bottom lip and shook her head as her panting breath joined the rhythm of his thrusts. He was getting faster and faster sliding his full length into her her cries becoming screams of pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm flooded her body .. He spoke to say he would pull out and shoot over her stomach she looked at me and said "no" through her heavy breaths.. her legs wrapping around him pulling him tight to her ..He increased his speed once more and within a few seconds I saw his cheeks clench as he emptied his heavy balls deep inside her launching another shaking orgasm. He lifted up from her straight away and pulled his length from her leaving a very swollen and stretched hole..as he got to his knees she did something I have never seen her do before she pulled him towards her mouth as she sucked the combined juices from him as she did so her fingers dropped between her legs as she checked how wide she still was he pulled away as he lifted herself to her elbows the movement producing a thick stream of spunk running from her.. He said he would let himself out and pulled his jeans on leaving the room. I dropped my trousers and shuffled between her legs "yours is tiny" she said as I slid easily into her getting very little contact with her .... I didn't need much as I shot straight inside her within seconds. I rolled off as her hand went straight between her legs scooping a handful of mixed fluids and dropped it to her mouth.. "Lick me" she said as my tongue started probing her depths my mouth tasting the sticky salty mess that was left behind and I wondered if it would ever happen again