Written by Martin .

18 Aug 2016

Sunday morning I decided to clean our family car , I'd filled a bucket of hot soapy water , moved the hover round so I could hover the car out before getting everywhere wet , I opened the boot and noticed sports bag of my wife's , Morrisons bags , shoe's and just about every thing else , as I took everything out , I noticed a bag hidden under everything , so I grabbed it and was about to shove it into a black bin bag when a black high heels shoe fell out .

As I opened the bag , my eyes were drawn to a condom packet , and a tube of ky jelly , there was also some panties, bra and hold ups .

Now we've never used condoms and never needed ky jelly .

So in a bit of a daze I zipped the bag up and continued the cleaning, the whole time my mind was wandering ! I knew something had happened, why else have a bag containing those items .

After I had finished I went back into the kitchen were the wife was and casualy commented on how clean the car was and that I had emptied the boot , well talk about blind panic , you've emptied the boot ?? Everything ?? No I've left a couple of bags in there , yours I think , after a couple of seconds out the door she went , I watched her as she grabbed the keys and headed off towards the car , as I watched through the window , she sheepishly opened the boot and decided took out her sports bag and the other bag , shut the boot .

At this point I went back into the kitchen , I heard the door shut and upstairs she went .

After a while she returned to the kitchen in what could only be described as overly friendly , guilty of something more like !

Later on that day whilst upstairs in located the bag hidden in one of her wardrobes , when I opened it the condoms , ky jelly , panties and bra had gone , it just contained her high heels.

This told me one thing , she's definitely hiding a naughty secret .

I've dropped a few hints over the last few weeks about other people getting up to no good behind their respective partners backs , but no response as yet , I will update if anyone is interested as it unfolds.