Written by Sluttysmith

27 Jan 2018

I first met Mark at work 14 years ago, I was new to the area, at the end of my first week I had given him a blowjob nothing else happened after that.

Fast forward to October 2017, Mark had seen me that day and messaged me to say he had. We got talking and found that we were both in sexless marriages and that we were into the same things sexually.

We started messaging each other of what we wanted to do to each other. We agreed that Mark would come around to mine when my husband was away with Work and due to Marks Work commitments this meant it would be early hours....

I wore my dressing gown and hold ups as I opened the door to greet Mark. I showed mark up stairs to my bedroom where I dropped my gown and we started kissing passionately, my pussy was so wet and I wanted him to fuck me there and then. Mark pushes me to my knees and grabs my hair and tells me I’m his slut and his only and I am his to do whatever he wants with me and I must do what he tells me to do. Now spit on my cock and make me nice and wet and then suck my cock. I did as I was told and loved every minute of it. I have mirror so he could watch me suck his cock hard. I wanted more cock his cock in my mouth. I told Mark I wanted his huge cock in my mouth. I want you balls deep in my mouth. We moved to my bed where I laid on my back with my head hanging over the bed, I opened my mouth and took his cock in my throat balls deep. I have never done this before so I didn’t know what to expect and gagged a few times! This was a turn on for mark, drool everywhere. He said to me did you like that slut ? I replied with a yes and I wanted more.

Mark turned his attention to me and started caressing my clit whilst inserting 2 fingers into my wet pussy, where he proceeded to finger fuck me to the point of me squirting for the very first time. Mark unwrapped a condom and put it on, he turned me over and slammed his cock in my pussy doggy style whilst spanking me. Mark was near to cumming and wanted to come over my face. Mark asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to come all over my face and hair. He pulled my hair as I forgot to say please. He repeated the question and I answered the same with a please on the end. Mark proceeded to cum all over my face and hair and once he had finished I licked his cock clean and said thank you!

We met up a few more times, where I practiced my deep throating skills. Mark is 9 inches so practice is needed. Mark always wants to cum on my face or in my mouth and tits. I have to say please and thank you.

Mark has released my inner slut and when we can’t be together, I get my toys out and play with myself, thinking of what I want to do to Mark or what I want him to do to me.

Part two coming soon!!!!