Written by lucky Jack

13 Sep 2013

A chance telephone conversation with my mother during the summer set off a chain of events. 'You remember Shirley Knowles?' she asked. 'Er yes' I said thinking about the first time Mrs Knowles pulled my Levis down. 'Well she died on Friday'. 'Oh' that killed off any other lustful thoughts. 'How old?' I asked. 'Mid sixties, no age really. Funerals thursday if you want to come with us, she always asked after you.' 'OK' I said in a moment of weakness. I might do that'. I had nothing better to do and at least I could get in a flying visit to the parents that would save an entire weekend visit later in the summer.

I booked myself into the local pub/b&b where the wake would be and went along to meet some people who I hadn't seen for years. On the journey up I thought about my first 'encounter' with Shirley. I'd been to Uni for just one term but when I got home at Xmas I took a holiday job delivering wine. One of the drop offs was a case of Merlot to the Knowles' house. I arrived about 2 in the afternoon. Mrs K was on the phone in the hallway as she stretched to open the front door. she signalled for me to come right in with the box and pointed towards the kitchen. I heard her close the call off sharply and she appeared in the kitchen. 'are you Pam's youngest?' she asked. 'yes' I said. 'Jack' I said. 'Oh my. Haven't seen you since you were so high' she waved vaguely around her chest height. 'No' I said. 'My how you've grown, you really are a strapping young man now!' 'thanks' I said, embarrassed. 'You must be at Uni? which one?' 'York' I said. 'well I look forward to getting an invite! Drink?' 'I have more deliveries I'm afraid' 'another time then' 'ok' I said. 'don't forget - I won't let you' she said. 'Oh my how you've grown. I'll let you out but come back soon won't you?'

the encounter left me with a bulge in my jeans. it must have been obvious as I hobbled back to the van, her watching my every step. she waved as I drove off, standing there, twice my age, with tight fitting jeans and checked shirt with a few buttons open seductively. A late developer, I'd only just lost my virginity that term and now I knew what it was all about.

next day the shop manageress asked me if I'd done the Knowles delivery because she had called in saying it was wrong - I'd taken a case of merlot instead of malbec. the manageress checked the order which did indeed say merlot but Mrs Knowles insisted it should have been Malbec. I loaded a case into the van and said I would swap them over when I'd done the rest - perhaps she could call her to say I'll be there after 5.

I arrived about 6pm to find Shirley in a bathrobe with a glass of wine in her hand 'you just caught me in the shower' she said. 'come in Jack'. I took the case into the kitchen. 'I brought the malbec' I said. 'sorry? Oh yes. actually, I've opened the merlot, its actually pretty good, would you like a glass?' I looked across to see a half empty bottle. she'd had a head start. 'I'm driving' I said. 'Still driving at this time? Haven't you finished for the day?' 'well I have but I'll need to get home' 'oh, not for a while yet Jack. anyway there's no one else here and I don't like drinking on my own' as she pressed a glass into my hand. I took a big gulp. 'do you find me attractive Jack? a girl likes to know'. 'well, yes' I said feebly. 'thought so. I could tell that yesterday' she said as she brushed her hand over my crotch. 'my husband no longer finds me attractive' she said squeezing my bulging cock. 'what makes you say that?' I asked. 'because this doesn't happen with him' she said virtually wanking me off through my jeans. 'do you have a girlfriend?' she asked. 'yes' I replied. 'Good' she said. 'thats very good. do you like the wine?' 'not sure' I said. 'I'm not really into wine'. 'here, try mine it might taste better' I reached out for her glass but she took a sip and reached up to kiss me, her wine entering my mouth as she did so. I'd never experienced something so erotic and I couldn't resist her as she continued to kiss me. somehow in amongst that she had put her wine down, unbuckled my belt and had her hand down the front on my cock. she broke off, pulled down my jeans and underwear and as my cock sprang out she took it in her mouth, looking me in the eye as she did so. 'come on' she said, leading me through to the sofa.

she mounted me, pulled her dressing gown apart, pulling me into her breasts as she pulled her knickers aside and impaled herself on me with a groan. she was hot, wet and very very sexy. I let her take the lead but eventually she pulled me onto her. 'come on Jack, fuck me please'. I came in a matter of minutes and climbed off her. she cleaned me up, something I hadn't experienced before and before long I was hard again and we repeated the process.

So here I was some thirty years later at her funeral. a few faces it was nice to see again and at the pub afterwards as things thinned out a bit I got a tap on the shoulder. 'Jack?' came a female voice as I turned around? 'Yes' I replied. 'Claire' she said, holding out a hand to shake. 'Shirley's daughter - remember? we were at school together' 'Were we? Oh yes!' I said but I couldn't remember her. 'Well I was quite a few years behind you but I remember you being a prefect'. 'Oh yes, I remember you' I said unconvincingly. but now she was the image of her mother around the time that I had fucked her that Xmas time. 'Its nice that you came today, mum always liked you and your parents' she said. 'well I think it was my parents she knew best, and perhaps me from when I was a kid'.

The small talk continued with a few reminisces. Turns out Claire was divorced. 'How come?' I asked? 'Lovely girl like you' 'thanks' she said 'well, I got caught - must have my mother's genes!' 'What do you mean' I asked sheepishly. 'Well, I had an affair, hubby found out and dumped me. and I know that mum had affairs too.' Claire had clearly had a couple of drinks and I wanted to know what she knew. 'Are you sure?' I asked. 'with who?'

'after Dad had his stroke. he was only about fifty.' (I sighed with a little relief that this post dated my encounter). his recovery was very slow and he had a room downstairs for months. rumour was that Mum got herself a boyfriend who she would entertain in their marital bed while Dad was still downstairs. like she was punishing him for daring to be so ill so early in their life.' 'How do you know?' I asked. 'Cos she told me when my hubby left me out - thought it would make me feel better.'

'Apparently' she continued 'Dad recovered his power of speech just well enough one day to say 'Shirley you bitch' that's all he said and two days later, another massive stroke and he was gone' 'No!' I said 'Its true' she said. 'That's a great story' I said. 'No Jack. Its a FANTASTIC story. here's to mum - cheers!' she clinked my glass and looked me in the eye just like her mother had done so as she took my cock into her mouth all those years ago. 'where are you staying tonight?' I ventured. 'Staying here' she said 'and you?' 'here too' I said. 'thats good. we can chat more in a bit but I must say goodbye to some of the others.

and with that she was gone, only to return to me as the evening came to a close. but more of that later I think.