Written by Anonymous

2 Jul 2019

In a few weeks, we’ll be attending a wedding and, as normal, we’ll want to fuck and suck in the church’s back pews and the reception hall’s parking lot. In preparation, we are in La Perla, shopping for lingerie that will provide easy and unfettered access to your nipples, pussy, and clit, while maintaining a demure outer appearance.

We walked from display to display, discussing the various options on display as, all the while, I keep one hand on your oh-so-fuckable ass, and you occasionally reach down to squeeze my hardened cock.

We’re both aware of him as he watches our reflections in the store’s mirrors. Tall, lean, and well dressed in an Italian sports coat, pale shirt and dark jeans, he isn’t skulking or hiding his interest but, rather, watching with appreciation. After several minutes, he approaches us, saying to you, “My lover is about the same height and build as you and I’m shopping for a few things for her. These silk thigh-highs are really beautiful, but I’m not sure they’ll be long enough for her. What do you think?”

You smile and look toward me. I shrug minutely and raise my eyebrow as if to say, “Whatever you want to do is fine”.

You reply, “I’m actually wearing that particular brand at the moment”, and slowly pull up your skirt until the black and red lace top of the thigh-highs are revealed, the contrast between the silk and your soft skin startling in the store’s light. “See?”

He swallows and licks his dry lips before exclaiming “Oh, yes! They are a wonderful fit and really seem to be perfect for your legs. What else do you wear with them?”

You inch the skirt higher still until your beaded-crotch panties are fully-visible. Your pussy lips, held fully-open by the beads glisten with moisture and your clit is fully-elongated, “These”, you say.

I step behind you, and reaching around, draw my finger through the wetness of your pussy and brush your clit with my thumbnail. “We find unfettered access is important”, I say. “I’m sure your lover will appreciate both the stockings and the panties. Enjoy your day”.

“Thank you”, he responds.

“You are welcome, any time”, I say.

You drop your skirt’s hem, and we moved to the store’s exit. By the time we reach the parking garage, we are almost running. I thumb the car’s remote control with one hand as I unbuckle my pants with the other. The truck’s lift gate opens and I push you onto your back as you complete the unbuckling of my pants. You hold aside the beads of your panty crotch as I bury my cock balls-deep into you in one hard thrust. I grab your thighs as you bring your legs over my shoulders, and I pound into you, hard long strokes that lift your ass off the car floor each time. I want to stroke your clit, but the movement is too violent and the movement prevents me from sliding a finger or thumb into your ass. We don’t slow down, though. If anything, the tempo is increasing and you grip the car’s sides so as to maintain your position.

“I’m going to pull out of you right before I cum”, I say, “And splash hot cum all over your clit and pussy lips”. I pause speaking for a breath, then add, “On the drive home you can show me how you love to rub my cum into your clit and you can feed us both tastes of our mixed juices from your fingers”.

That suggestion pushes you over the edge and into a cascading orgasm, and I pull my cock out of your hot, tight, cunt in time for the first shot of cum to splash against the intended target. You shudder as successive blasts coat you with sticky jiszm.

Eventually, we move to the front passenger door, which I open for you. You scoot into the seat, and fasten the seat belt behind you thus allowing your one long, silk-clad leg to slide behind the driver’s seat. I move around the car and into the passenger seat, opening the door to see you, thighs far apart, finger stroking your cum-drenched clit.

I finish removing my pants and reach into the console for a silicone cock strap. Putting the strap around my cock’s shaft and under my ball sack, I tighten its toggle. Watching you finger your clit, I jack my cock a half-dozen times and blood flows into the cock head, changing its color to a dark purple, and expanding the shaft. Watching you, I back out of the parking spot, and exit the garage.

I watch intensely as you use the fingers of one hand to play with our juices – blending my cum with your sweet pussy liquids – and as you bring your other hand into play, under your thigh to insert two fingers deep into your wet, tight, cunt.

You are focused on my languid cock-stroking as I watch you fingering yourself. You lift your hand from your clit and I see the viscous cream of our fucking clinging in threads between your fingers. Sensually, slowly, you lick one finger clean, then offer me the other. I taste the heady mixture of us as I slowly suck clean the offered finger….