Written by togo_1

6 Dec 2013

Tomorrow is my wife Sarah's birthday i would normally nip to Asda at the last possible minute and buy her some cheap rubbish. This time I decided to buy her some thing nice. I arranged to meet my sister in law Jane for lunch then she would come with me to help me pick out some cloths for her. We picked out some tops etc for her thenwe went to the lingerie section.

I picked the wife some sensible but nice offerings whilst Jane walked off to look for something for herself when I caught up within her she was looking a black and red bra, thong and suspender belt. " wow" I said "can't imagine you in that though" "why not" she asked " we'll I'm going to try them on" with that she winked I walked after her and she went in the changing rooms, now Jane is 40 with a buxom figure but with a pair of double d's to die for the attendant walked off as Jane shouted me I thought she wanted something in the next size so walked in and knocked on the door, she opened it wearing the full set with black stockings on to boot " we'll what do you think" "well" I said and I walked into the room and just kissed her she grabbed straight for my ever swelling cock and released it she went down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. It was fantastic she just kept sucking and wanking my cock until I was about to blow my load, when I stopped her I sat her down on the chair spread her legs pushed the thong to one side and pushed my tongue in her slit and starting probing and licking I think the excitement of location and the sex was enough to send her over the edge quite quickly she cum all over my tongue, I stood up and pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy and rocked backwards and forwards slowly easing it in a little more each time I then plunged it in fucking vigorously for a couple of minutes before firing my load in to her. It was fantastic but it wasn't over lick me clean like you do my sister. I went back down on her and licked her pussy clean making her cum again.

Best shopping trip I've ever had. And with Xmas on the way it would be rude not to take her with me again.