23 Dec 2016

My ex courtney and I went up to Manchester for a weekend away to do some Christmas shopping and to have the opportunity to fuck hard and loud in the hotel without worrying about her housemates hearing us. At the time of the trip (about 10 years ago) I was still living at my mums so loud adventurous sex was usually out of the question!!

Prior to us booking the trip we'd discussed fantasies and past experiences which always turned us on. In particular she used to tell me about the things her and her ex used to get up to. They'd had a few threesomes, with an extra girl for him and she confessed to sucking his best friend off whilst he fucked her at a house party....this story always used to make me so hard! I'd never done anything like that before I met her and the thought of sharing a girlfriend with another guy had never crossed my mind, but now it was playing a major part in my fantasies.

We didn't go to Manchester on the hunt for another cock, we'd been out shopping all day on the Saturday, had lunch, back to the room, had sex then off out to hit a few bars. It was around 1am when we were getting pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor, kissing eachother, grinding and rubbing eachothers naughty bits when I noticed a lad dancing pretty close to us. He wasn't being intrusive but he was looking at courtney long enough to let her know he fancied her. She whispered in my ear that she thought she had a fan and we both just smirked at him and carried on dancing. I guess the smirks offered a bit of encouragement because by the end of the song she had danced with him briefly then back to me with no consequence. This went on for a little while, each time it lasted a little longer, then it progressed to us playfully sandwiching courtney in a funny kind of dance. Whilst she was between us both she kissed me hard on the mouth with lots of tongue, I loved it and moved my hands up to cup her boobs and found our new friends hands cupping her from behind before I could get there!! I was a bit taken back but not entirely surprised based on how we were dancing, court then pulled away from me and without thinking twice, turned and kissed him just like she did to me.

I didn't feel anything other than Horny at that moment and found myself with a serious erection in my jeans, so I pushed up behind her and started rubbing my hands all over her body. Once they were done kissing courtney led us to the side of the dance floor to a table, it wasn't particularly hidden but it had 3 seats and we all sat close together with court in the middle. She had her arm around me, but lent in to kiss him first then pulled back and introduced herself as courtney and me as Matt. His name was Chris.

In hindsight I think that the talking made it a little awkward and Chris almost immediately offered to buy us both a drink as a way to break the awkwardness I guess. Whilst he was at the bar, I asked her what her plan was, and she said she'd go as far as I'd let it lol in my mind I was amazed I'd let it go this far, but something about being away from home lowered my inhibitions and I was genuinely excited about doing something so naughty!

When he got back, I suggested we finish the drinks and go to the hotel for a 'nightcap', the smile on his face let us know he was very keen.

In the taxi on the way home court sat in the middle again with a hand on each of our thighs. I could see her stroking his leg and giggling with nervous anticipation, but I think the taxi driver looking in his mirror excessively might have put her off a bit as she didn't kiss either of us in the cab and nothing untoward happened.

Once in the hotel room she announced that she wanted to see us both naked and started to undress me and instructed him to get his clothes off. Once fully naked we stood like we did on the dance floor in our sandwich positions, her kissing me first then him, all the while gently stroking our Cocks. I moved my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy, her knickers were soaked through!! I took the opportunity to pull her knickers down whilst she was busy snogging his face off and wanking his cock. At this point she dragged him to the bed, sat him down and proceeded to remove her dress and bra. I was stood behind her when she dropped to her knees and started going down on him. I have to admit, I felt a bit left out as she was fully engrossed in giving him her best blowy, and it sounded like he was loving it. He told her he was close and she stopped, she looked at me, as if asking for permission to go further...so I moved to lay on my back on the bed and she climbed up onto her hands and knees and started sucking me. Our new friend now had her cute little bum waving at him whilst I had my cock sucked and I could see him reach down and start fingerings her. She started groaning whilst never losing eye contact with me. It took everything I had not to blow my load, I think if I'd been sober I'd have cum. I broke her spell by telling him that he should fuck her and he didn't need telling twice. He got on the bed, held her hips and guided himself into her. Seeing your Mrs getting fucked by another guy is literally the most erotic thing I've ever witnessed. The noises she made are enough to make me hard 10 years on, it was incredible. He fucked her steadily for about 5 mins and then started to pick up the pace, I could tell he was going cum and she told him to blow inside her, she wanted to feel it. With that he started to tense up and I knew he was filling her up. By now she'd stopped sucking me and was simply hanging on to my cock, with the occasional attempt to wank me off.

He softened and pulled out of her before she managed to cum herself, so she immediately climbed up my body and sat on my cock. Straight in with no resistance and she was saturated. A mixture of her juice and his cum. I could feel his warmth inside her and I could feel it dribbling down to my balls...my first experience of sloppy seconds!!

It didn't take her long to get herself off, but when she did, the noise she made let me know it was a cum of epic proportions. I wasn't far behind her and soon emptied myself into her.

She rolled off me to the side and our naughty stranger was on the far side of her. All 3 of us laying there out of breath and gently caressing eachother. Courtney said she'd never felt so.slutty before in all her life and loved every second of it.

I got up for a wee and when I got back Chris and courtney were spooning but facing me, he had slipped his cock into her from behind and was gently rocking into her. I got onto the bed next to her and kissed her as he fucked her to another orgasm.

I think the drink started to take its toll on him as he started to lose his stiffy. It was at that point I suggested that we call it a night and get him a taxi. Court gave him a big sloppy kiss before he left, no phone numbers exchanged simply a one off encounter.

After he'd gone we got Into bed and played with eachother until I came again. Then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was Horny as hell and woke her up with lots of kisses and gentle nudges with my cock lol once awake we had a slow fuck whilst talking about our 'highlights' from the night before. She said letting him fuck her first was the highlight for her as she knew I'd be getting his sloppy mess on my cock. For me, walking out of the bathroom and seeing him fuck her without me was something I'll never forget. The feeling in my stomach is hard to describe, but I loved it regardless!!

There were other experiences with courtney before we finished, but nothing as hot as that weekend!