Written by CeeGee

12 Jul 2010

My wife and I have been married for coming up to eighteen years. I've never been the sort of person to get jealous or put out by the odd admiring glances from other guys offered towards my wife over the years. Infact I take it as a compliment that another man might fancy the woman who chooses to be with me

Kate and I are both in our very late forties and although she is slightly heavier than in her younger days she is still a nice 'tight' size twelve and I've been noticing that she may have become even more attractive to other men but now across all age ranges. She really is just your every day working housewife. I would have thought that you'd pass her in the street without a second glance but that doesn't appear to be the case. I've observed that when I meet her from work for a drink or to go shopping and she's dressed in her office clothes, normally consisting of a smart knee length dress, jacket, tights and straight forward court shoes, that this seems to be an image that most red blooded guys find quite attractive.

Recently Kate and I had an afternoon off from work to go shopping in a well known shopping centre just off a nearby motorway. She was wearing her smart office suit consisting of a charcoal grey just above the knee skirt and jacket, cream blouse, nearly nude tights and three inch heels. From the top of her bobbed hair to the tip of her shiny shoes she looked great and unbeknown to her I was looking forward to catching a couple of guys admiring her. I wasn't disappointed.

I was really enjoying the attention my prim little wife was getting from the odd young lad, married middleaged men out with their wives and the usual pensioner who had obviously not quite given up the ghost, just yet. I found myself really quite aroused.

Back in the car on the way home on the motorway Kat mentioned that she was feeling tired so she took her glasses off (she's very short sighted), closed her eyes and before long she had drifted off. Her skirt had ridden up four or five inches above her knees and I couldn't resist reaching over. As I placed my hand on her knee she stirred and moaned absentmindedly. I said something like "You look so beautiful darling" while thinking to myself that she looked so fucking sexy with her skirt ridden up, her knees slightly apart she actually looked quite sluttish and I couldn't wait to get her home and fuck her into tomorrow while imaging all those men who had admired her at the shopping centre wishing they could see her like she appeared now. Before removing my hand from her leg I pushed her skirt up another couple of inches so that I could just begin to see the very tops of her nylon covered thighs. Unavoidably my attention constantly switched from the road ahead and back to my wifes gorgeous legs.

Soon Kate was obviously fast asleep. By now I was getting really aroused at the sight of her. As I sqeezed and pinched at my hardening penis thinking how lucky I was at having a wife that was still so fuckable it went through my mind that as I overtook the lorries that the drivers would have a great view of Kates unintentional exhibitionism. The idea of turning a fantasy into a reality got the better of me and I couldn't resist the opportunity to expose my wifes charms in such a 'safe' way. Never having done any thing like this before my heart was racing as I drew along side the next lorry on the motorway. I paused beside the truck just long enough for the driver to wonder why I wasn't speeding past in the hope that he would glance down and see Kates exposed thighs. Bingo! He soumded his trucks horn and as I looked up at the cab he smiled and 'gestered'. The sound of the horn made Kate stir so I sped off.

I repeated this three or four times and each time I acheived a similar reaction. And then I made a 'mistake'. I pulled alomg side a white van not realising that he was driving a vehicle capable of keeping up with my car. He glanced down at Kates thighs and instantly made an expression which left nothing to the imagination as to what he would like to do to her if he could get hold of her! As before I sped off. He followed and soon overtook me. He pulled over into lane one and again I drew alongside his van. By now he was holding his mobile phone up in order to take a picture of Kate. We repeated the manouver three or four more times, God, I was finding this so arousing. Another man was taking photos looking up my wifes skirt.

I don't know what came over me but obviously lead by my cock I pulled into a service station and the white van followed.

I parked in a quiet part of the carpark and sure enough the white van pulled alongside. Hoping that the driver wouldn't get out of his van I signaled to him that Kate was asleep. Amazingly he got the message and sat looking down at my wife satisfied at taking several pctures of her on his phone. My cock was throbbing at the thought of what I had engineered into happening. I lost all sense of reason and wanting to show her off even more I risked the chance of disturbing her and I reached across and placed my hand on her leg saying softly and lovingly "Don't wake up darling I've just pulled over for a bit of a rest myself.....by the way you look gorgeous" (once again thinking that she is such a fucking gorgeous bit of middle aged arse that deserved to be shared) I kissed her gently on the forhead and ever so slowly slid my hand up her skirt pushing it back high enough for the van driver to be able to see the nylon covered white panties that my wife was wearing that day.

As I held Kates skirt back so that he, unknown to her, could take more pictures I looked up at him and noticed that his movements indicated that he was doing more than just taking photos of her. My God, he was wanking himself off as he looked at my wife. His expression kept changing and he mouthed to me through the car window "Fuck that...fuck that"! This was obviously a fantasy come true for him as well and sure that he wasn't going to get out of his van in public while jacking himself off I waited until this guy had acheived 'full' self satisfaction from the fantastic oppurunity that I had presented to him. His head dropped and he gulped in air as I witnessed a spurt of cum fly onto the window of his cab. Suddenly I snapped back into reality, I switched the car on and perhaps cruelly drove away leaving the white van in the carpark and back onto the motorway as fast as my returning common sense would allow. I wanted to get home

I needed to get home.

I had to fuck my slut!