Written by phil

29 Sep 2015

I Have been fucking my sister in law for a while now and we both cant get enough of each other ,well I said to her about having a 3 sum when having sex with her . when I last saw her she said she may have surprise for me , on the Monday her hubby was away so we had arranged to meet we went for a drink while out she was texting and had a cheeky smile on her face . later on after feeling each other we went to her house she said go up to bed I will be up shortly , so I am laid on the bed naked with hard on thinking of fucking her she comes into bedroom dressed in red basque and stockings tits out and pussy on display she says I am going to tie and tease you so she ties my hands to bed frame and puts a blind fold on me . I then feel her rubbing her tits in my face and is playing with my cock wanking it she kisses me then I then feel her pussy on my mouth so start to suck her she is laid over me and holding my hands , it is then that I feel my cock getting played with then a mouth sucking the head on it , I cant say anything has got mouth and face full of juicy pussy she is now laughing . I now feel a wet pussy teasing my cock which makes me rock solid and I am sucking her clit , I then feel my cock going into a warm wet pussy when I say to her who is that she laughs and says her friend Sharon . I had said to carol when we had sex I would love to fuck Sharon and she had set it up , Sharon was riding my cock while I was sucking my sister in laws tits till I exploded into Sharon,s pussy they then swap around and Sharon is making me lick her clean while carol is riding my cock saying we going to give you 3sum to remember when I shoot my load again they untie me and I watch them sucking each others pussy . then I get near Sharon,s face with my cock she wanks it and sucks it when hard I get her to suck carols pussy while I fuck her hard and fast doggie style we do this for about 2 hrs swapping places ect till I am exhausted Sharon goes home to her hubby and I stay with carol her waking me in morning sucking my cock before I fuck her red and swollen pussy , I tell her I would love to see her fuck a big black cock and maybe have Sharon with us again she just laughs and says its my birthday soon you could get me a surprise and kisses my cock head , more to come both stories and carol