Written by Mr Long

21 Feb 2016

Having returned home travelling I found myself living with my parents again.

The first weekend home one of my sisters friends was staying over.

She's 5ft 6 lovely toned, black gorgeous body with a rather in ticking smile.

We'd been flirting all night and at one point we shared a kiss in the kitchen when no one was looking, as we were stood there her hand slowly went up the inside of my thigh, over my jeans onto my rather hard cock.

With a couple of rubs of my shaft she simply went into the lounge to chat to my sister.. The tease.

Anyway a few drinks later my sister, her friend and I had a quick photo.

As we were stood there I discreetly put my hand up her skirt to squeeze her bump to find she's wearing no underwear.

Finally my parents and my sister buggered off to bed, my sisters friend and I were finally left alone on the sofa.

After a minute or two of flirting she climbed on me as we kissed, my hands squeezing her firm smooth bum, I then lifted up the front of her skirt to reveal her lovely shaven black pussy.

She licked my fingers and guided my hand to her pussy, from there I slowly stroked her Clit, gradually building up speed.

At this point she grabbed me by the hand and took me upstairs to bed.

From there she dropped off her dress revealing her small, pert boobs.

We then kissed while standing, she the undid my belt pulled my pulsating cock out and gave me a slow hard wank.

I then stripped off, guided her onto her back, we kissed then I went slowly down to her gorgeous pussy.

I slipped in a couple of fingers as my tongue lashed her Clit, my two fingers exploring her tight pussy.

At this point I worked my way up to her face we kissed, she put her left leg over my shoulder as I slid my large hard cock into her beautifully tight, wet pussy.

She let out a few moans as I eased my self deeper with each thrust.

as I was about to cum I withdrew and came all over her pussy.

Within minutes she made me hard and we went again...