Written by sarahlewis

18 Aug 2014

I keep getting messages asking for another confession and seeing as I'm bored, working in a foreign land where I can't understand a word they say and the men talk to my tits instead of my face I thought what the hell. before I start you have to understand that I was 18 and a little off the rails so I'm not such a bitch any more. We used to live is Essex but due to my fathers work had to move to Canada. I spent our last week with a very good girl friend of mine Jennie, Her parents where away so we had the house to ourselves. Her next door neighbour was a class one pervert. He would watch us from his bedroom window hardly hiding the fact that he was wanking as we sunbathed, quite often topless to wind him up. He was about 55 -59 fat with the proverbial red face. His wife was a horror of a woman constantly making remarks about my friend Jennie being out of control good for nothing etc. Her parents having more than one run in with the witch who made Jennies life hell. One afternoon Mr Tubs as we called him was in his garden, in and out of his shed which he would tell everyone who listened he grew his prize Geraniums (or some shit like that) which he kept padlocked and we where convinced he has his stash of porn. He asked Jennie on more than one occasion if she wanted to come into his shed whilst staring at her 19 year old chest. Today it was warm, we where sunbathing and as usual he would stare at us and make any excuse to put his head over the fence to talk crap, his wife tutting at the fact we had bikinis on (the shame of it). As she walked away we were sure she called us sluts and tubs agreeing so we hatched a plan to get him back. Today like every Thursday she went out to have her hair done and arrive back on the 3pm bus which stopped just up the Rd. We agreed that one of us (me) would let tubs talk us into going into his shed in the hope he would try something on. The idea was that at 3pm his Mrs would arrive home, Jennie would ask her to go to the shed to tell me to come back and find me in a state of undress, so at 2pm the plan was put into practice. I put my head over the fence and started to talk to Mr Tubs, I talked a load of crap about how nice his garden was and how I loved flowers and does He grow anything in his shed. His eyes lit up,'would you like to come and see ?' I told him I would need to get dressed first, he told me not to be silly. This going a little too fast, I need to be in the shed by 2.50 and its only 2.35 but what the hell. In I went, me in my skimpy bikini and him in his t shirt and shorts with belly hanging over the top. Jennie was to keep an eye out for the witch and wave when she got off the bus and start waving like mad when she was on her way to the shed. As expected tubs kept brushing his hand against my backside and breast whilst leaning over to 'show me' something. I looked at my watch 2.50! I kept asking all sorts of stupid questions and flirting, telling him how good he was at gardening and how I was going away and would miss our chats (even though this was the first time we had met). 2.59 and Jennie was waving, at last the witch was on her way. I asked tubs the first thing that came into my head, as a man he think my breasts where too small. His eyes started to bulge, he said something like 'no not at all they are very nice half laughing, I remember thinking how disgusting he was. Jennie started to wave like mad, it was time to go topless. I took my top off, 'you can touch them if you like' I told him. His big hands where squeezing by breasts, the only thing I could think of was that it looked like it was all down to me so I asked if it was true that big men had big cocks. He dropped his shorts and to be fair to him it was bigger than I expected. I could see through the shed window Jennie was still waiving like mad. Tubs asked if he could suck my nipples, that would look even better I thought. He was well away sucking and slurping, as I was wondering where the hell the witch was tubs put his hand between my legs pulled my bikini bottom down and started to finger fuck me. As disgusting as He was the feeling wasn't exactly unpleasant. With that he picked me up, sat me on the table, pushing me onto my back as he dived between my legs licking my pussy juices. And after he had finished drinking and slurping his way around my pussy in one move was inside me. I has only has sex twice before and this was different. His fat belly slapping against mine as he fucked me, grunting like a pig the table banging against the wall of the shed with each thrust. I remember thinking that his boobs where bigger than mine. I could have stopped him whenever I wanted but I didn't want. I looked up and out of the window and Jennie was watching, her mouth open. In fairness to the guy he kept going for a good while, fucking me, sucking my tits only stopping after shooting a fair load of cum into me and to be honest that was the biggest orgasm I had had to date. Later Jennie told me the witch had gone next door and that she didn't understand how she couldn't' hear the banging of the table against the wall or me shouting something like ' keep fucking me' and 'don't fucking stop'. I wrote to Jennie for a while after we moved and she admitted to visiting his shed and riding his cock to see what it was like. Remind me to tell you about my first ever experience with a married man whilst we watched his wife in the garden. That was an experience.