Written by ArlingtonOne

10 Jul 2013

Megan is Hugh’s and Estelle’s 24 year old daughter. She has a studio flat in Walworth…works for an in-city, hi-end retailer. By all appearances, she lives an exciting life…party-girl like…fair spender on herself… always looking hot! NO way or manner her retail sales job pays for this profile. Judi and I know full well Megan is one doable slut…willing to open mouth, spread legs, pussy lips…AND derriere crack…for the right person(s)…male OR female!

If you know Hugh or Estelle, you’d presume Megan a well comported, young lady. However, unknown to Mom & Dad, Megan made a decision early on…the hedonist life would be hers. She likely made that choice…before even understanding the full definition of ‘hedonism!’ Judi suspects Megan went the slut route when she emerged puberty…use your imagination where/when that starts…;)

We’ve gotten to know Megan through Estelle’s employment with my firm…her Mom a paralegal clerk. In fact, Estelle tried to influence her daughter to intern with my firm…about 4 years ago…to follow her Mom’s business life. To no avail however…when I interviewed Estelle’s daughter…she had just turned 20…Megan had little interest to get into the admin and learning aspects of the job. It’s pretty close to formal legal training without taking steps to actual practice. No…Megan…was interested in making good money and sharing the ‘good life’ without too many obstacles. She’s had NO problems living that life…!

Clear to me her ‘needs’ when we met, some weeks later I invited Megan out for cocktails. That reference to libation aptly suited…I made her my lay for that night… we both enjoyed every bit of our fun. Oh yes, there was something in it for Megan as well…besides my tongue and cock. I connected her with the managing supervisor of her current employer. Days later, Deborah hired Megan at first interview. Judi and I subsequently learned…days after that, Debbie also ‘accessed’ Megan’s assets. I didn’t intend to make that connection…didn’t think Megan played both ways. It all worked out nicely, however. It subsequently allowed my wife to ‘practice’ her bi-sexual curiosities…and from time to time…NO major frequency, I have at Megan as a slut she is… She’s one of the rare younger ladies I like to engage…my preferences normally directed to married women my peer or a little senior.

Over the last 4 years I’ve picked up on the various rumors of Megan’s “outstanding” behavior. Yes…I’m quite sure some of the fuck dates slightly exaggerated. BUT, where there is a date retell…and trusting the veracity of my colleagues…Megan is one lovely, always sharing and giving young slut. I’d say my wife meets her every 2 or 3 months…and gather from Judi’s feedback, Megan knows how to control the sexual encounter. I think Judi gets her pussy AND possibly ass nicely used by Megan’s love ‘accessories’...;)

One Tuesday evening late last year, I almost disturbed Megan’s calm, slut demeanor. She was having dinner with me in Belgravia…when her Mom and Dad appeared at the same fucking restaurant! Fortunately, Megan didn’t appear the tart…she had just met me from her place of employment…nicely and professionally attired. I told Estelle that I was attempting to re-energize Megan’s consideration for a legal clerk future, now that she’s had 4-year’s retail background. How else to position…that I wanted to re-energize my cock in her daughter’s mouth and vagina…??? It worked out fine…we sat at our respective tables…some distance apart. In fact, it accelerated Megan’s and my departure to the club…where I ate and fucked the young woman into the evening. I amusingly learned Megan had met up with my wife exactly two weeks earlier…at Megan’s studio. All she shared…my wife was pleased that Megan was accompanied by an older female friend. Yes…wondered about that…BUT not for long…;)

Every bit of feedback my wife and I garner, tells us Megan is well suited to her slut demeanor. Of course, I could be upset calling her a “slut.” After all, the young lady has simply chosen to live a free-style, sexually driven life! She earns gifts from her suitors…male and female alike. I know perhaps some will interpret that as sordid lifestyle… BUT, Judi and I do NOT view it that way! And, we suspect, most of our friends and colleagues who share Megan’s ‘attributes’ view her as an accommodating young lady who knows what she wants…and knows how to acquire what she wants. To that end, Megan knows how to use her ‘slut’ persona in classic definition. For me, I hope to remain occasionally engaged with her…3 or 4 times a year may not seem all that exciting; however given Megan’s outstanding figure, personality and style, it’s 3 or 4 times a year excitement with one very young, very hot slut!!