Written by cumalot

10 Feb 2009

let me tell you about last week, when it snowed . I managed to get into the office, due to an urgent presentation. However, in the business centre , there was only me and the facility manager (a). A 40yr, brunette with at least 44d tits. She lived locally and had to come in. We had a quick coffee and i started on my work. She had always been very flirty and we had a close dance at the xmas party and snogged (a different story). Half way thru my presentation, i got bored and so i logged into the porn site and started watching a lesbian video. naturally became very horny and took my jeans down and started wanking... Little did i know that (a), knocked on the door and bought a coffee in. I couldn't move and she saw me with the 8 inch cock in my hands. She came over and with a tinkle in her eyes said' you naughty boy, but it looks nice and we don't want to waste that hard on'! She took my hand away and started to stroke my throbbing cock. really slowly and then licked the whole length with her warm coffee flavour tongue and then started to suck it hard. I was in heaven. I put my hand under her skirt and started to rub her wet pussy with her thong still on. I guided my fingers into her pussy and she softly moaned with delight and moved her legs further apart for easier entry. We both carried this on a few minutes and i very quickly came in her month. it felt so nice in her moist mouth. I then lifted her skirt , took off her wet thong and started licking her hot pusssy, i could tell by her reaction she was about to cum and then i flicked her clit more and she just exploded in my mouth. I was still semi hard and she started to wank me again and as soon as i was hard i bent her over the desk and fucked her from behind, She kept shouting harder and with all my strength i throbbed her senseless, until after about 5 mins we both came again. she licked my cock off and i licked her swollen nipples.

We stopped for a bit , hard our coffee, i quickly finished my presentation off and we fucked each other again before we left to get home.

Since then we have fucked each other several times . Can't wait for the next time.. prob tomorrow late afternoon